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Near-Paràntii ([nɪə pærɑːnti])

The Near-Paràntii were almost human - hence their rather derogatory title. The full Foyiitùn name was Yri-Paràntii [Iri:pærɑːnti], which in its original form translated literally as "the here-road people" or "those that show the way".   While much mythology and rumour governs the "not-humans", very little has been set down as fact in the Archives of Bezélan. What we have ascertained thus far is:
  • An Yri-Parànti will have at least one physical feature that marks them as different from normal Paràntii.
  • Most have no recollection of their past and may not be certain of their purpose in the present.
  • Whatever character traits you see in an Yri-Parànti will be how they are. They do not seem to favour pretence or veiling their personality. Thus, if one is given to helping the sick, another burns down crops and another causes accidental destruction wherever they go, they are acting out of who they are.
  • An Yri-Parànti will be drawn to people with whom they share a common cause, bond or ideal.

Where Do They Come From?

Nobody can answer this as far as I can discern. As these beings are rare, both Bezélan and Shevezz City class them as under Paràntii (or simply "Human" in Shevezz), but they are not simply children of other humans, unlike the Kyparàntii of Ghrrysz. I have a theory, but I cannot test it.   My theory is that they are, for want of a better word, "planted", by the Sénakii - the Elements themselves, in times of need. Though there are graves of those believed to be Near-Paràntii so it may be that these "planted ones" arrive when they are needed, but given their freedom to live as they deem fit until Nature takes its course.

Basic Information


How Human?

In all but one or two features, they appear as all Paràntii, and most passers by would not notice the difference unless they encountered one close up.

What Physical Features Define Them?

This list is approximate, incomplete and may also be inaccurate. That said, as Chronicler, I will document what has been surmised so far. Though, I will accept, even in the wake of 553 AFD, some sound unreal to my ears.
  • Unusually coloured eyes.
  • Hair that nearly always matches one of the eye colours. (even if red, or black, for that matter. And yes, pure black eyes make me nervous.)
  • A sensitivity to one Element.
  • "Foot-Wings" (documented 379AFD, 395AFD and 449AFD)
  • "Stone Skin" (not documented since the First Destruction)
  • Gills (as noted from various sea captains and verified by the researchers within the Queendom of Shevezz. I trust these reports than those from only drunken mostly-pirate seafarers that trade with Qal'ath.).
  • Red Skin. (And no, I'm not talking the shade of red as noticed in Paràntii survivors in Sablesand Dunes and the like, I mean, molten-rock red.)

Genetics and Reproduction

Again, no records indicate marriage and/or offspring of the Yri-Paràntii. However, we must not rule out it being possible if my theory above holds true.   As to what would occur if two of these beings, sensitive to different Elements, reproduced, we can only speculate.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

While they seem to exhibit Elemental signs, they do not control or influence the Environmental Elements as we know them. It simply seems to be part of who they are and how they employ their abilities is their own judgement. Or so it seems.
Extremely Rare
Genetic Ancestor(s)


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