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Guide to Challenges and other events


Hello everyone! Here's another out of universe guide. This one is different from the latest one, as it is not about the world itself, but is about this World Anvil page. This article exists for the sake of organization, what does it mean? It means that it will help me to organize all this stuff but also will help you to find the articles i have written for official events!  

Community challenges

What are the community challenges?

"Our Community Worldbuilding Challenges take place four times a year. In these challenges, you have a month to create and polish an article answering a specific worldbuilding prompt. Entries are submitted via the competition page and are judged by our Master of Games and guest judges. For 2021, you can expect lots of challenges with great prizes, and winning articles also win the chance to get their work published in the Worldbuilding Magazine!"
— Janet in the WA blog
Challenge Entry
The Hero's Journey (2021) Valdimir Kuznetsov
Peculiar Plants(2021) Lyubitel{Larch lover}
Costume(2021) Sukienka


What is World Ember?

by World Anvil Team
"Can you write 10,000 words of worldbuilding in a month? That’s the premise of WorldEmber, a free-for-all of worldbuilding, creativity, and achievement! WorldEmber runs every December, with homework challenges (here are some examples from last year) in November to help you prepare yourself and your world for the challenge! You can learn more about WorldEmber on the WorldEmber landing page."
— Janet in the WA blog.

Articles from WE 2020


Summer Camp

What is Summer Camp?

by World Anvil Team
"In World Anvil’s Summer Camp, we (World Anvil) challenge you (an awesome worldbuilder) to write 31 worldbuilding prompts in 31 days! Our aim is to help get you inspired and create more of your amazing world. And if you want to get involved in the community, stream or join us on live streams, that’s a bonus!"
— Janet on the WA blog.

Articles from SC 2021

Prompt Article

Related Articles (other guides!)

Introduction to the world
Generic article | May 21, 2021

An introduction guide to the world. Read this article before diving into the world.

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Master TimeBender
Unknown User
6 May, 2021 18:56

Looks like a lot of work you've done on this world! Great job. A very neat article as well, and precise! I haven't mentioned this yet, but I do like the translations you show after words. It adds to the depth of the world i think!

~TimeBender~ Here's my costume challenge entry!
Eclipsion Royal Armor
Item | May 28, 2021
Journeyman Gege16
Gege Escriva
6 May, 2021 19:07

Thank you a lot!! :D

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