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The information about stars presented on this article is In World (ficitional). For reading about the stars in ourr Universe, visit Everything you wanted to know about Stars- by Nat Geo and How do stars form and evolve by NASA
Stars are supernatural creatures that live in Moskova's skies and are also featured in their folklore. Stars have always been one of the most intriguing entities to humans, and they've been subject of lots of legends, myths and stories.   The Stars are found in the Void and frequent the Supernatural Plane more often than any other creature besides Demons.   Stars are most of the time visible from Earth as hot giant plasma balls, usually depicted as pentagrams or hexagrams in drawings and other artistic expressions, however, that is not the only form they can be found.    


Stars are Immaterial and Supernatural creatures, which means they are in a higher level of energy than humans and any other living entity, magical or non magical. They have no defined shape, so they are considered actually neutral entities although they are mostly depicted in their humanoid female form.   Stars are the only creatures that can shift from being material and no material by their own will without getting energy from something else. They are also the oldest entitities of the Universe alongside Demons and have existed long before any other creature like Sirins or Humans. Stars can be solitary or gather in constellations.
Zvezdarska Hierarchy Diagram by Gege16

Origins and Life Cycle

  The first Stars ever have originated from the void and the chaos present in the dawn of times, and are considered to be the most perfect shape in which the Chaos had condensed. New stars are mostly born in nebulae, giant places where the chaos gets condensed in cloud alike structures. However, Messengers of the Stars con turn into actul stars as reward for accomplishing their task.   For humans, stars are basically immortal, but that doesn't mean they actually are, however, the length of their lifespan is large enough for being beyond humans' cohompresion, that meaning thousands or millions of years. Despite looking static in the eyes of humans, they actually get many changes through their existence, and their in their last moments before their death they liberate all the vital energy they have inside, and that energy gets into the Chaos and newborn creatures orthings.    

Powers and Magic

Possessed Dubhe by Gege16 through HeroForge

Elemental magic

Stars can use elemental magic for attacking, self defense and other purposes. They can control fire, water, wind, electricity, earth and light among other elements from nature. They also can also modify the preassure and temperature of the space around them distort gravity in order to manipulate time. Some spells that can be used by stars are magical shields, cryokynesis, fireballs, provoked earthquakes among others.    


  Stars are considered the creators of everything that exists excepting Demons, from planets to creatures, to magical objects such as the Stellar Sabers. For doing their creation job, their gather all the dark materials thst compose the Chaos around them and mold them like if they were doing pottery. For finishing their work, they give their energy by breathing on them, but also when they die their energy gives live.  
Stars gathered up Their dark materials around Creating blades Perfect and sharp From the void and the chaos
— An excerpt from the The Ballad of the Journeyman , Annonymous
Stars are some of the most powerful creatures in the Universe as they are the Level IV of Zvezdarska's Hierarchy Scale, so they have many powers and magical habilities.


One of the most impresionant habilities stars have is shapeshifting. Althought some other creatures are able of shapeshifting, such as Demons and Dæmons, the Stars are the most versatile at it.   Stars can adopt a really big variety of shapes, both material and immaterial, including humans, animals, other magical creatures, even horrible monsters, objects, and fog.   The most famous shapeshifting transformation by a Star is Alioth turning into the Firebird in The Lost Northern Stars.
Alioth as the Firebird by Gege16


Stars can give signals and information to humans, sometimes explicitly and other times cryptically. Those episodes are called epiphanies as they usually mean important revelations. They can appear in dreams or during extreme situations that can lead to hallucinations as light balls or in their humanoid form. Many epiphanies are considered important events in several religions.  

Role in Folklore and Religion

Stars always have had a very important place in religion and folklore of human societies, not only in Moskova but around the world. In Moskova, during the times when the Stellar Cult was the main system of beliefs they used to be worshipped as divinities, considering the Sun as the most important one and the other ones as minor divinities. Their hability of creating life as well as magical objects and the fact that hey are etereal entities which powers have unkown reach are some of the reasons that inspired fear, mystery and mysticism around the figure of the stars.   Contrasting to other religions that consider their main divinities and mythological creatures as perfect, the Stellar Cult considers stars just as flawded and sinful as humans can be, because both humans and stars are made of or at least derivated from the Chaos in any extent.  
Nothing that dares to exist can be perfect. Even the Stars are born from darkness and dust.
— Ancient proverb
by Geraldine Escriva
Thousands and millions of years (considered as "Immortal")
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Frozen hearted Dubhe by Gege16
Stellar Saber releasing its magic by Gege16

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I really like that you made stars into beings in your world! It is a very different take, but at the same time, so familiar...   One thing I wish you had explored in more detail is what do the stars do / want with their lives. There's a ton of stars in the sky, and they are really powerful. Do they have a society? Are constellations like a family? Or why do they gather in constellations?