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Red Lion Inn

Work in Progress!
If you have never housed in the Red Lion Inn, have you ever visited Ulán Shang Kov?
— A random tourist who visited the capital.
  The Red Lion Inn ( гостиница "улан лев") is a very traditional inn located in the centre of Ulán Shang Kov, the Capital of Moskova. It is located close to the Market Square, which is located near Ulan Shang Kov's Kremlin.      

The Tavern

The Red Lion Inn's tavern is one of the most crowded but also happy places of the Inn. It is located in the first floor in the opposite side to the main entrance, and is linked to the street by a small wooden door. It has a comfy and warm look since the tables, chairs, as well as the floor and walls are made of wood.

The decorations such as chair pillow seats and banners hanging on the wall have a warm color scheme consist in shades of red, orange and yellow, while rushnyks and lions are some of the dominant patterns on them.

In the wall behind the bar, a big wooden sign displaying the logo of the inn hangs, which is a yellow field filled by a red lion and the name of the inn, similar to the one that can be found at the entry of the building. By the sides of this sign, it is possible to see shelves that contain bottles of drinks as well as several objects and souvenirs. It is also possible to find wheels, cornaments and rugs hanging on the walls, while the illumination is provided by candles.    


The menu of the tavern is pretty varied and has several dishes and drinks of choice, both local and imported from other countries. Some of the most sold options are listed bellow.
Drinks Dishes
Vodka   Water   Wine   Tea   Carbonated Water   Kvas   Coffee   Milk   Beer Borsch   Kebab   Vareniki   Caviar   Salads   Pelmini   Fish   Croissants   Piroshki
Pelmini by Kate Buffton

-Why looking at those Pelmini makes me feel so hungry?
— Literally any person


In the Red Lion Inn's Tavern, having a family meal or a drink with friends can turn into a warm cultural experience, as Yerik and Vladar like to host interesting activities for the guests of the inn or anyone who desires to pass by the tavern. Craft shows, fairs, dance shows, stand up and singing shows among others are some of the most common events. Music always fills the environment, as well as joy, good food and claping; making it almost always a family friendly setting for visiting during trips to Ulán Shang Kov.
The staff tends to seek talent from every corner of the empire no matter their culture or ethnicity, and even has invited foreigner artists for showcasing their art, making the inn a safe space compared to other spots of the capital and bringing a spark of joy for many vulnerable groups during the regime of Ivar, as well as showing tourists several faces of Moskova's cultural richness.
Look at these incredible dancers! It's too tempting to join them while you watch their performance! Although I'd reccomend you to digest well your meal first...
— A foreigner guest watching a folk dance performance.

The rooms

The inn has several rooms distributed in 3 floors, there is a few (3) in the lowest level, close to the reception and the rest can be found in the other two levels upstairs.   The decorations of the rooms fit with the overall vibe of the inn as a warm palette of colors is used in the decorations, and the main materials used for their construction and furniture are wood and stone.   There are different kinds of rooms available for renting, from individual ones that feature a single bed to family ones featuring more than one bed, both in King size and Twin size. Most rooms have views to the street, and in some is possible to have a privileged view of the Kremlin and the Ulán River.


The Red Lion Inn and its tavern are mostly visited by tourists who stay in the Capital, both local tourists as well as foreigner ones; but also welcomes any person who wishes to have a drink and fun times inside the tavern (which, unlike the rooms of the inn, is open to the public and can be visited any time) no matter if they plan to reserve a room in the inn or not.   The Tavern is a common encounter point for groups of tourists who are touring around the touristical hot spots of the city, as well as friends, families, couples and fishers who want to have a meal while resting after a long fising day at the Ulán River.
Red Lion Inn Sign by Gege16
by Apollinary Vasnetzov
Founding Date
Parent Location

Yerik by GeorgeSanders
Vladar "Chimera" Umarov by Gege16
The soul of the Red Lion Inn's staff is Yerik Garejeli, who is the innkeeper and one of the main bartenders. He is always very welcoming to tourists from all the extremes of the Empire, as well as foreigner travellers who pick his inn for staying while they explore the wonders of the capital. He always tries to keep everything in order and organizes special fun activities for enterntaining the attendants and costumers, such as craft shows, stand up shows and art expos.   Alongside Yerik, Vladar "Chimera" Umarov keeps the tavern and the inn itself properly working. He is alwys looking for new things to incorporate to the bar, both drinks and dishes, as well as for shows and other activities. He greets all the customers when Yerik is not available around, and sticks the Inn's advertisements in strategic spots of the city. Chimera knows several crafters and artisans, so he likes to make tribute to their friends inspired on their creations and displays them during the craft shows held by Yerik.
Can you believe THIS is the view from your room?
— Just look at THAT sunset.
Ulán Shang Kov
Settlement | May 26, 2021

Ulán Shang Kov is  the capital and most populated city of the Kingdom of Moskova.It is the headquarter of the Moskovar Monarchy.

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Cover image: Sunrise at Sentinel Mountains by Geraldine Escriva (Gege16)

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Author's Notes

This article is about the in-world version of George Sanders's Inn, that appears as location in the Empire of Moskova Roleplay server. It also has a version featured in his own world, Anhult Wildlands. Besides this, the character Yerik Garejeli was created by him for the Empire of Moskova Roleplay server.   Also, Vladar "Chimera" Umarov is inspired by AwsmChimera, another longtime supporter and the one who gifted me my Journeyman Membership. This is a way of thanking they both for their continuous support to this project!

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