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Barkistán's Central Market

Barkistan's Central Market is an outdoor market located on the main street of Barkistán by the ruins of Barkistan's Kremlin.This is the one of the most crowded places of the town and is where everyone who lives there get their living supplies as food, clothes, furniture and even some rare items. It is also a common meting place for people there. The market is first first mentioned during the second chapter of "Seeking for the Lost Northern Stars" as it is the place in which the first scene takes part besides being the first settlement described.  

Products and commercial stands

There's a huge variety of products that people can find in Barkistan's Central Market, as is one of the biggest of the middle scale markets of Moskova so in this place, is possible finding interaction among very different kinds of professions and oficies, from farmers to textile producers and aphotecaries selling their medicinal veberages and potions to blacksmiths and jewel makers. The most remarkable workers of the Market are Aliosha Vladekiev Takhmanov and Dylara Vadimievna Sanaki .They help their families with their daily work there.In the case of Aliosha,he helps his mom at baking cakes and counting the earned money, while Dylara helps selling the clothes her parents manufacturate. As Barkistán is not a town that's under constant influence of the capital, some Kozzakhi individuals could get a place in the market as workers, a situation pretty different to what happens in Ulán Shang Kov and nearby cities in which they are largely rejected of this activity at large markets,having to sell in lesser crowded places or being part of performative or even circus activities. Despite some exceptions,this place doesn't get regular visits or attacks by the The Dark Army . Some of the products sell all over the market are the following ones
  • Textile products such as clothes, carpets, hats,tunics,veils and other ornaments.
  • Agriculture related products as vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, salted meat, livestock animals.
  • Toys for kids as balls,nesting dolls,sleds,ice skates.
  • Elaborated foods as cakes ,kebab, borsch, barbacue.
  • Blacksmith tools as hammers,sickles, skewers, axes, knives and various weapons.
  • Medicine related products as medicinal flowers, potions and "magical food" to medical resoureces such as doctor masks, leeches, tweezers.
  • Pottery
  • Hunting related products as wildlife meat, fur, furry coats, furry boots.
  • Minery related items as jewels and stones.

Imitations and fake stuff

As in almost every market in Moskova,the Central Market of Barkistan is not excempt of being a place in where people can sell stuff from doubtful origins,defectous,imitations or even illegal,specially when it comes to jewels, weapons and other valuable products. However, this situation is not as problematic as in larger cities like Ulán Shang Kov in which the illegal marketing is more extended and even could get involvement of the governors themselves.  

No sense Market

  A pretty curious area of the market is the section denominated as "No sense Market" in which is possible to find weird,useless,funny or even dumb products. Some of these products are materials for doing pranks,books featuring senseless texts,surprise boxes (some of them containing nasty, or just useless stuff),curious inventions and bazar products (such as vases, plates and cups) or souvenirs with funny images depicted in them (from grotesquelly portrayed animals to bad drawn magical creatures and even nsfw things). Some of these stands are set by sellers who alredy own other stands in the market so probably some of them have the sole purpose of trolling. Other instead are used as gift shops and even as a curious featuring for catching tourists' attention.
Trade post
Owning Organization

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