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"La-la-la sorry secret siren, I'm blocking now your calls la-la-la"
— An explorer trying to resist to the curse of a sirin.
  Sirins are magical creatures that can be found in the forests of the Sentinel Mountains as well as in the area close to the Ogon Volcano. They are featured in some folk tales from Moskovar lore.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Sirins look like a middle sized bird with the upper body of a human, mostly a woman. Their bird parts (legs, wing and body) usually look similar to an owl's but there also exist sirins resembling other birds such as eagles or cranes.   As said before, the chest and head of the creature resembles human ones, and the most common hair colors are blonde and red, but brown hair is also possible to find. They are mostly described as beautiful looking women.    Their wings have an average widespan of 1 meter and their legs tend to be muscular, finished in long claws. The tail got long and colorful feathers. Sirins can have a wide variety of colors in their feathers.

Ecology and Habitats

These beings mostly live in the forests as they tend to use high trees for resting, but they also have a predilection for grooves that are close to water bodies such as ponds or lakes because they lay their eggs in the water.   They are mostly around uninhabited areas, were humans are rare or mostly are adventures. The encounters of both species are rare but well known for causing troubles to the human counterpart. Most of these encounters take place in isolated areas, but there's been records of these bird alike beings approaching camping areas for stealing stuff or annoying the campers.  

Sirins' curse

"Evgen!! Where the hell are you stepping on?! That's a fraking cliff!!"°
— We are not sure if this scene's gonna end well
    The most famous trait of Sirins is their beautiful voice which is considered dangerous due to their power for hypnotizing humans, making them get into a state of unconsciousness in which they forget about their life and are propense to risk their lives or even die in stupid ways. It is unknown if they do this just for fun or if their main purpose is eating their victims. A curious fact is that mostly men fall in their curse, women are usually not affected by their magic.   For preventing the worst finale their curse can cause to a explorer, it is recommend to travel in group and to carry a weapon or an instrument which can make a sound loud enough for scaring the birds.  

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

The actual reach of their intelligence is unknown, but they seem to be one of the smarter magical creatures living in the material plane aside of Demons. They can hypnotize voyagers by their singing, but there are also records of sirins imitating human voice as well as mocking people. They're not intelligent enough for crafting complex tools, but seem to be self conscious enough for deceiving humans and enjoying over their perishment, as well as for wearing headdresses. 
Sirin by Gege16 through HeroForge Background by Samuelmadimi Madimi
unknown, probably more than 100 years
Average Height
50 cm
Average Weight
1-5 kg
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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Author's Notes

This creature is loosely inspired on the Sirin from Russian Folklore.

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