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Rozovyy Khalim

Work in Progress

Rozovyy Khalim ( Розовый Халим , in Moskovar {language}, "Pink Whale") is a fishing ship that can be seen pretty often around Vladimirovsk 's coast. It isn't just one of the largest fishing ships in Moskova , it is also one of the most recognizable symbols of its city as is very beloved by its inhabitants.  


As what can be told from its name, this ship is big. From the bow to the stern, it has a length of 70 meters, while the tallest pole (which holds Moskova's and Vladimirovsk's flags) reaches 15 meters.   The boat has three levels. The lowest one (inside the hull) is where rowers sit for making the boat move. The middle one is a cellar where the fishing's products are stored, while the deck is the "highest" level, where people such as the captain, the crew or the visitors can stay for looking at the sea.   The most prominent characteristic of this ship is the pinkish color the whole structure has, resembling the color of a salmon's flesh.   It has three sails that help it to move a bit faster thanks to the wind that constantly blows in the East Coast. These sails are sand colored and are decorated with pink embroidery.


The Pink Whale is usually used for fishing, and the main animals hunted are salmons, trouts, squids, octopuses, lobsters, crabs and seals among others .   It is also a touristic attraction in Vladimirovsk. It tends to open its touristic season at the beginning of the Fall, when salmon fishing decreases, so this activity is a good income when the fishing season is not good. The ship offers trips surrounding the coast and is a viewpoint upon the sea and is one of the favorite places of the city's children.


The story of the Pink Whale is attached to both the founding of the main seafood factory and the collective mind of the city.   A few years after Vladimirovsk was founded in 1290, one of the first families that inhabited the city, the Akhmetov family, decided to begin a family fishing and sea food business. Despite most of these founder families, alongside native cultures from the region being fishermen, the "innovation" was that the Akhmetovs wanted every family to collaborate to each other (including native inhabitant families) so the difficulties of being a fair new community in a place of rough weather and sometimes bad fishing.   The most advocated person for collaboration was Azamat Akhmetov, the eldest member of the family, who was grandfather to three kids. He was a very athletic man, even more than expect for his age, as he did like to swim in the sea. He also was very brave and selfless.   Azamat was a passionate fisherman but also was very solidary and had a good bond with most of the kids. His most recognizable feature was a pink painted boat he used to use for doing his job.   By the pass of the time, Azmat earned people's hearts as he always was very nice towards kids and helped other fishermen. He became one of the most beloved people in the city, and his boat was named by the city kids as the "Pink Whale"   Once, a great storm did hit the port while Azmat was fishing on the Pink Whale alongside other men on their ships. Most of the ships could get away from the storm before the wind began blowing harder creating swirls on the water, but the Puskov family's boat could not do it, as it's path was deflected by a swirl and the ship was going to crash against the rocks from the shore. Azmat, who was leading to the beach, changed his direction and followed the Puskov ship in order to prevent the crash. Using his saing skills, as well as a magical potion for getting faster, The Pink Whale could get in between the Puskov boat and the rocks, stopping the Puskov boat and saving its crew's lives. Regarding Azmat, he could get out of his ship and climbed up the rocks.   The pink boat was destroyed but it's legacy was intact. As a tribute, the city's inhabitants signed and sent a letter to the Central Government explaining the situation. The prince Vasily III Grosnik (who was the previous monarch to Ivar) was very moved by the story, so he ordered to the Royal Ship Factory to recreate the Pink Whale. However, neither Azmat nor the other inhabitants from Vladimirovsk expected how the great the gift from the Great Prince would be: instead of an exact replica of the boat, it was like a lot larger and improved version of it.


The Pink Whale has mechanical propulsion, as it can move thanks to the rowers that are located inside the ship's hull. The strong winds of the sea also help propulsion by blowing at the sails.

Weapons & Armament

The ship is equipped with harpoons and fishing webs as its main purpose is fishing, but it also equipped with other tools for self-defensive use such as very concentrated magical potions for several purposes such as invisibility, flotation and boosted speed. The captains cabin also has some swords for the crew to use in case of attacks.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Pink Whale has several horns used for communicating its crew with other ship's crew, as well as people in the land. The loud sound of the horns is one of the reasons why the ship resembles a whale.
by Gege16
Coast of Vladimirovsk by Gege16 through Nvidia's Gaugan
Vladimirovsk's Oblast Flag by Gege16

The main material used for building the boat was wood, while the sails are made of linen fabric.
The pink whale
Owning Organization
Just one in the world
70 m
15 m
100 tn

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Cover image: Sunrise at Sentinel Mountains by Geraldine Escriva (Gege16)


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28 Sep, 2021 15:50

I see its still a WiP, looking forward to reading the finished article. I will say good job on having the designation be a letter and number combination, most people have been confusing designation with the names prefix.

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Gege Escriva
1 Oct, 2021 22:31

Thank you! :3

1 Oct, 2021 18:26

Wonderful work! I really like the story behind the ship. And the fact that it resembles a pink whale? I love it! I can picture this ship . :D

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Gege Escriva
1 Oct, 2021 22:31

Aw, thank you! I appreciate you like it :3

7 Oct, 2021 15:43

I love the detailed history of the ship. Really interesting. I love its nickname of the Pink Whale too! <3

Gege Escriva
9 Oct, 2021 18:21

Thank you so much Emy! I appreciate you like it :3

8 Oct, 2021 14:36

Hi ! Congrats on this work, it was a pleasant read :)   I liked the "slice of life" vibe the document gave me. It's not a huge warring machine, it's not an epic adventurer's ship, it's just a boat used for tourism and fishin and that is great. I liked that color and appearance, as well.   Good job!

With love,   Pouaseuille.
Gege Escriva
11 Oct, 2021 00:42

I'm very happy that you like it! I appreciate it! I wanted to try something different , since I've seen (and written myself) things of a more "epic" backyard so this was an opportunity for something more "chill" :)

Gege Escriva
11 Oct, 2021 17:35

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