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Supernatural Plane

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"The entry to the Prison of Fire and Ice is actually a crack on the glacier that covers this mountain. But it is not located in our side of the world."

  "In this area, the boundary between the Material and the Supernatural Planes is very blurried. And you must go beyond that boundary."

The Supernatural Plane, also known as the Immaterial Plane is one of the known planes in which the world is divided. Its concept itself is hardly understood by humans although it's been in some ways featured in folk tales. is maybe the most mysterious places of the universe and its existence is one of the most important postulates of Zvezdarska.  
The world has two Planes: the Natural/Material one and the Immaterial/Supernatural one.
— Seventh amendment of Zvezdarska


It is hard to exactly define the Immaterial Plane as it is sometimes considered a no-place or a state of the things rather than physical location such as a big desert of a city. However, for simpliflying its nature for the sake of explaining it, it is one of the two dimensions that integrate the Universe.   The Supernatural/Immaterial Plane is parallel to the Natural/Material one so normally humans are unable of acceding to it. The Supernatural Plane is considered the origin of all magic.   
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The Geography of the Supernatural Plane actually goes beyond humans' coprehension, althoug it almost exactly mimics everything that's featured in the Physical World. There are mountains, forests, great plains and oceans; but they are more like an illusion. Contrasting to the physical world, expanses such as deserts and the very void are more common. It is unknown if there's actual cities.   Some places have an exact copy in the Supernatural Plane, while others look exactly the same in the outside, but inside they hide things that are not present in the Natural world. For example, in the Supernatural version of the Prison of Fire and Ice, the Firebird is trapped.


The ecosystemic dynamics that reign the Supernatural Plane are actually unknown, as it is virtually impossible to explore it. However, it is known that some physic laws can be broken there, as this dimension doesn't operate in the same way the natural one does. For example, one of the most prominent differences is that time passes in a different pace, sometimes a lot slower or faster.   Regarding to the inhabitants of this Plane, they are all supernatural and immaterial as Zvezdarska states.The best known creatures from this plane that can get into the Natural one are Demons but this place is also home to other creatures like Messengers of the Stars, Stars, Souls and probably lots of unknown monsters.

Localized Phenomena

Northern Lights


Demon's attacks & Perturbing Voices

        Although both phenomena happen in the physical counterpart of the Universe, in the Supernatural Plane they are the bread of everday, making this place very dangerous, better said deadly.    
In the Supernatural version of the world, the most prominent feature is the lack of sunlight, the night is eternal. Although eternal night not always means eternal darkness, as the Northern Lights or aurora are still present.   Contrasting to the physical world, latitudes do not have an effect on the existence of the Aurora in the sky, since it can be found in places very far away from the polar regions and because of the lack of daytime, they are the perpetual sky condition there. Auroras are considered the "bridge" between the world's planes, hence their appearence in unnatural planes such as the Western Forest or Ulán Shang Kov cause panic, because it means an unbalance of magic in the physical world, mostly related to the attack of Demons.
Reincarnation is a link between life and a following one but is also a link between the material and the immaterial.
— Sixth amendment of Zvezdarska
  Moving from one kind of nature to another can normally be done just by the highest level in descending order. For moving upwards or changing the nature of a creature from a lower level help from the highest one is required, as an energy loan. There's another way of changing level which is basically, death.
— Fifth amendment of Zvezdarska
Zvezdarska Hierarchy Diagram by Gege16

Alternative Name(s)
Immaterial Plane, No-material Realm, Realm of Magic, Magical Plane, No-Place, The No- Material Expanse, Heaven, Underworld
Plane of Existence
Inhabiting Species
Related Creatures
Demons, Stars, Dæmons, The Firebird.
Related Characters
Dubhe, Alioth, Megrez.  
Related Objects
Stellar Sabers, Alchnos't 's sapphire, Prizrak Mirror.  
Related Laws
Related Locations
Moskova, Northern Lands, Alioth's cage.
Meterial Plane vs Supernatural plane: tundra by Gege16

How to enter?

"Any last word? I'm going to send you to the Supernatural Plane."
— An executioner about doing their job
It is usually considered impossible to humans to visit the Supernatural Plane because they are in a lower level (Level I) of Zvezdarska's hierarchy scale. However there exist exceptions for this rule.   The only way humans can enter into the Supernatural Plane are extreme ones. The most known is by dying, although the stay of Human Souls in this realms are temporal since souls tend to reincarnate. Those souls that are choosen by Stars for serving as Messengers of the Stars/ Dæmons can have a longer and more frquent stay here, although they must complete material lives on Earth as part of their task. Some people who had near-to-death extreme experiences recall they had visited the Super Natural Plane.   Another way of accessing is through specific spots where the boundaries between both planes-usually parallel towards each other- are blurried. Those tend to be natural places, mostly unhinhabited and dangerous. One of the most important ones is the tundra of the Northern Lands, a Wild Land close to the North Pole, where the Prison of Fire and Ice {Alioth's cage} is located. There are several entries to the Supernatural Plane in this expanse, and the huge frequency of phenomena such as the Perturbing Voices is a proof of it.

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