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Stellar Sabers

The Stellar Sabers are the pair of sabers used by Aliosha and Dylara during the novel. Them have been previously owned by Vladek, and before him by lots of great warriors from Kozzakhi culture and other different origins since long time ago, making them authentical relics.


The Stellar Sabers are long and slightly curved swords. They are pretty light and can be easily used by any person who knows how to manipulate sabers and swords.   Their blade is made of iron, probably taken from meteorites, with a slight coppery shine. Them also got attached very tiny diamonds on the blade's edge. Their handle is made of wood decorated with red suede and a bit of gold.   Them are protected by dark red suede scabbards decorated by delicate golden embroidery of intricated floral designs, made of golden thread of wool, gold and copper.
Aliosha and Dylara into the woods
by Gege16

Origin and history

It is said that these sabers have been forged by stars themselves, as them were found in very remote places after meteor showers or the passing of comets. After being found many people considered them relics so making them inheritable was common for those families that owned them. The first records of their existence can be traced down to the years 100-200, as some ballads and stories from those times mention swords with compatible characteristics. One of the most famous ones is the Ballad of the Journeyman, a short tale which describes the trip of an adventurer in the icy north for hunting food for his tribe, who supposedly found the first sabers. After the first recordings of this story, many other folk tales had featured them as part of a hero's arsenal.    
In the novel just two of them are mentioned, the ones that have been possessed by Vladek before ending in the hands of Aliosha and Dylara, but actually there are 5 other sabers known around the world, however people in Moskova do not know if them had gotten lost or destroyed or even sent to other worlds. Alchnost' desires to get and destroy them all for preventing the Lost Northern Stars to be freed of their curse (released from the stone cage In the case of Alioth, and getting rid of the infinite loop of evil reincarnations and Alchnost's control in the case of Dubhe)

Vladek's swords

  The most important swords by now are the pair that belonged to Vladek Takhmanov during his lifetime and now belong to Aliosha and Dylara. He inherited them from his father, who also inherited it from his. That saber has been part of the Takhmanov family for some generations, and when this bloodline became part of the Timur Clan. Before that, the swords had been part of other Kozzakhi clans. The sabers have been sold, bought, lost, found and used by skillful warriors (and common people as well) during their whole existence.   A little secret
When the Timur Clan got subdued by the Empire's] troops, it was feared that one of the tasks for the soldiers were getting the sabers for destroying them or giving them to the Tsar or a person who could be linked to dark forces, so Vladek fought against the Moskova's troops using normal swords adorned for faking the appearance of the Stellar Sabers, while he gave the real ones to his wife Kira, who unlike him, survived. She had to protect their son for years that followed his death but also, the magical sabers.


While looking like normal swords, they are actually magical, as they can make a great fighter off its owner and break any natural or magical item/material by channeling their inner strength and feelings.   It is said that the Stellar Sabers got some kind of "sapience" as they can "know" what kind of intentions the user has and which purpose is leading its manipulation. No matter how exquisite is the technique of a warrior or how much experience they have in the battlefield, if they are doing their task just for the sake of obtaining a self benefit (like a reward or money) the sword would act just like a simple and normal sword without showing their potential powers. However, there's speculation about the remote possibility of evil forces strong enough for making use of them for corrupted purposes, by twisting the sabers' magic. This idea, despite still being unproven, gives an extra reason for these weapons to be highly protected by their owners and/or their families.     These sabers can glow in the dark when they are releasing their magic, so the user can also use them as a light when fighting in the dark.   It is said that one of the few material things capable of destroying Demons are the Stellar Sabers, but the real reach of their powers is unknown.
[...]"They were forged by the very stars. They are magical and know what they do."[...]
— Shirkania Yanga talking about the Stellar Sabers


These weapons got a very strong symbolical significance, as them have been and are considered invaluable relics that must be treated and used wisely. The ones capable of using the magic of a stellar sabre are called "the chosen ones " and are seen as saviors or heroes worthy of being featured in legends and tales. Despite not being mentioned in , the Stellar Sabers are usually associated with that story, as they are considered to be the only weapon capable of breaking the Firebird's chains and freeing her from thePrison of Fire and Ice.   Some people believe that the curved sword depicted in Moskova's national crest (being held by the Imperial Eagle) is actually a Stellar Saber. However, the appearance of this sword is different, because it has a larger curve and is wider at its tip. If this is true, then it could be a prove that more types of Stellar Sabers exist or that it is just a misinterpretation of its measures.
stellar saber.png
Stellar Saber by Gege16
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Just 7 known in the world, 5 of them lost or destroyed.
Almost 1kg
Raw materials & Components
Sword itself: Iron (probably in an alloy), diamonds, wood. Scabbard: wood covered in red suede, gold and copper.
Related Myths
Stellar Saber releasing its magic by Gege16
Kingdom of Moskova coat
Moskova's coat of arms by Gege16

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Cover image: Sunrise at Sentinel Mountains by Gege16


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These sound like fascinating swords. I love the idea that they were forged by the stars themselves. :)

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I'm ready to grab a stellar saber and head through remote tundra to the Sentinel Mountains to free the Firebird. You coming?   I wanted to help with the first paragraph under the Powers heading too: "While looking like normal swords, they are actually magical, as they can make a great fighter of its owner and break any natural or magical item/material by channeling their inner strength and feelings" There is a "them" that should be "they" after "sapience" too.

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