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Messengers of the Stars/ Dæmons

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The Messengers of the Stars (посланник звез) , also known as Stars ' Messengers and Dæmons are creatures present in Moskovar folklore and alongside Demons and Stars, they are a recognizable feature of Zvezdarska, the ancestral belief system of Moskova. Them are depicted in art in very varied forms, there's no general rule about how they look and how to portray them.  


What's known in Moskova as "Messengers of the stars" are ethereal creatures from the not-material plane just like demons. Them also got some other similarities regarding the previously mentioned creatures, for example, being capable of interacting with humans and the material world more often than a star would do due their lower energetic level. But, contrasting to demons, they actually serve as communicators between the stars and humankind (they represent the linking between the material and non material plane) and they got a specific -and special purpose-. The similarities between both beings made people give them some nickname as good demons. About the other term used for naming them, which is Dæmons (good) , it can be easily mistaken for Demon (evil) by foreigners so it's not too commonly used when talking about them to people who's not familiar with Moskovar culture.   Messengers of the Stars, are special creatures as them are not supernatural during their whole existence. Them are actually the souls of people who had a positive impact on their surroundings society or world while they were alive. Many of them are heroes or remarkable individuals who had died at young age and/or by unfair circumstances. These souls get a semi-divine role assigned by the stars as they got the task of seeking for people with the potential of finishing their work or for leaving their own mark in the world. For doing their work, these souls reincarnate and in their material lives, they seek for that kind of people and become their protectors, mentor and /or spiritual guides at their missions and quests.    If the messenger finally completed their missions, they can end ascending and turning into actual stars. Commonly Dæmons require many lives on Earth for fulfilling their whole  task but exceptionally they can reach their final goal by just one life or a few of them. These exceptions usually happen when the Messenger's apprentice does a good action leaving a mark enough big for creating a breaking point on History.      

Powers and abilities

Messengers of the stars got a set of very diverse abilities and powers depending the shape they adopt as them usually got the normal abilities of their current shape claim alongside some supernatural ones. For example, when they incarnate as animals, they also can speak any human language and sensing people's intentions and emotions besides being able of doing the things every animal of their species would do as running, swimming, flying or roaring. They mostly tend to defend themselves and their disciples but they are capable of attacking if the circumstances merit it by using their claws, wings or whatever physical feature they got.  


  Again, as what happens to Demons and many other supernatural creatures like Sirins, they seem to be related to Hellenistic mythology as they got many similarities towards creatures from that foreign cosmology. Also, both cultures got the curious distinction between a good creature (dæmon) and an evil one (demon) of a very similar kind. This can be explained by a direct influence and exchange of ideas through the cultural interaction between both nations. However, the concept of reincarnation related to semi-divine beings can be found in legends and folktales from several mythologies of the many cultures that inhabited Moskova's territory even in times previous to the beginning of the commercial relationship between both countries or at least, before the older recording of this trading and diplomatic relation. This makes difficult to determine when and from where they could had been added to Moskovar mythology. Besides Moskova and Helenia, several other nations got similar benevolent creatures in their mythologies known as "Angels" and "Genies" but contrasting to Moskovar Dæmons, they got no link to reincarnation.  


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