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The Void

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If you're afraid of the Northern Lands, then try to get to know about the Void
— A random person trying to comfort you after a nightmare and getting the exact opposite result
The Void is a mysterious concept which is part of the Universe -and may surround it- It could be considered a third plane of existence -the other two are the Supernatural Plane and the Physical Plane- although that idea has detractors because it seems to be shared by both planes.     The Void is a what people could call Nothing, is the space between the planets, the space where the Chaos can be found and anarchy reigns. It can be considered an ambiguous state between the Natural and Supernatural. Among other places like Northern Lands or the Prison of Fire and Ice {Alioth's cage} , it is used as a metaphor for referring to something that's so far away that its existance is debatidble, the unknown itself  or to something that brings nightmares.   Some people belive the Void is the place where souls are scrapped after several evil reincarnations, giving it the role other cultures give to Hell. However, not everything in the Void is evil despite it being a chaotic place, as Stars can be found there as well.


The Supernatural Plane represents a huge brain challenge to understand for most people, and the Void itself is another one. Although, it somehow can result easier to imagine because most people describe it as a Blank Space or a dark abyss where demons roam just like deepsea fish inside an ocean trench.   The Void has no natural light or colour by itself, and the temperatures are feezing in a immeasurable magnitude for humans or any other natural creature.   Despite being a dark, dangerous and scary place, Stellar Cities and Nurseries give light to it. It is the location where creation events took and still taking place.


It is unknown when the Void began to be and when It will cease to be. But what is sure is that it was the first space in which the Universe developed.   The first thing that filled the Void was the Chaos, and the Chaos was the principle of any form of Matter and No Matter (Natural and Supernatural entities).   The Void has never been visited by living humans and it is unknown if other magical creatures apart of Demons, Messengers of the Stars/ Dæmons or Stars. It is also a huge mystery if other natural forms of natural life inhabit here.
by Gege16 through NightCafe Studio AI
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by Gege16 through NightCafe Studio AI

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Alternative Name(s)
The Abyss, Nowhere, The outer Space
Plane of Existence
by Gege16 through NightCafe Studio AI
Stars gathered up
Their dark materials around
Creating blades
Perfect and sharp
From the void and the chaos
The shashkas came out
Made for fighting
Create and destruct
Just in right hands
Their powers show up
— Excerpt from The ballad of the Journeyman, about the creation of the Stellar Sabers

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