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The Ultima Thule

"The frozen frontier..."

There are few unmapped territories left in the world, but amongst the most prominent is the frozen north...   The Ultima Thule encompasses several uncharted continents north of both Hariel Majour and Golthein. The lands of Sothothep, Baradis and both North and South Krinek. The latter of which is encircled by a multitude of broken, frozen islands, the most famous being the Demon Isles.   The belt of inhospitable Northern islands has a long reach, spanning the World Sea, some accessible from Hariel Majour via the dread Spectral Sea, north of the frozen spires of the Blight. Said to be the land of "Celene's Titans," Giantkin and dragons of all colors and size, it is a dangerous land for those unprepared for what they might find.   There are few well charted colonies or cities in the frozen wastes, with one of the most prominent being the city of Dagon on Sothothep. Dagon is home to a special breed of hardened monster hunters who patrol the north for titans and other gigantic monstrosities that they seek to kill, both for survival and profit.  

Ultima Thule


A continent with a contingent of smaller islands ringing it.

Flora & Fauna

Sothothep is the defacto haven of Giantkin, ever since they were mostly driven from Hariel Majour (for reasons unknown to history) some 2,000 years past.   Giants aren't the only titans in the region. The uncharted continent is also allegedly plagued by prehistoric dinosaurs and other horrors not well known to man. Few, if any, attempts to catalogue the flora and fauna of the region by Gothenkind have succeeded in any significant way.
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Alternative Name(s)
The Demon Isles, Sothothep, Gianthome
Location under
The Known World
Included Locations
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