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Storm Reach

"Risen from the ruins..."

The city of Storm Reach sits along the western coast of Hariel Majour, connecting with the Inner Sea below Angleport, but just north of the Throat. It sits on an islet peninsula feeding into the sea from Bleeder's Bay (see Bleeders Bay & the Wreck of the Sea Elves).   Storm Reach is a militarized city, but not one directly under the control of Wyeth. It is, however, where most of Wyeth's soldiers come to train, for Storm Reach features Formaire, the most acclaimed military academy in the known world. The academy is run by a lineage of former soldiers from the fallen nation of Nerithar, turned mercenary, who then eventually academy leaders. Nations from across the land send their best to train here, hoping to produce elite armies with a strong knowledge of combat tactics.   Although the city retains a degree of independence, it still (more often than not) goes along with the crown's edicts, and many consider Storm Reach to be a part of Wyeth (rather than the Freemantle - as the city does not maintain a seat on the democratic council).   The general attitude in Storm Reach is "tough, but fair." This extends past the academy and into the basic structure of residential life. The city itself is occupied by a diverse selection of hardy folk from across the Freemantle. Those who seek a "self-contained" but highly respected life, for it seems the crown both respects and fears Storm Reach (and its private army, the "White Plumes").   The city itself is built upon the ruins of a fortified city from the age of Lumeria. What was once clearly a military fortification in its day is now reduced to a few strong walls, shielding the city from attacks via the sea. But from these mighty stone walls, one of the great cities of our age was born.   Storm Reach also features a powerful private navy, comprised of specially trained White Plume officers, bred for the sea.   Though ostensibly the White Plumes were formed to provide protection for Storm Reach, it is said that if one has the funds, they (well, some of them) may be hired out as a powerful mercenary company.  


85% human, 5% elven, 5% dwarven, 5% mixed other


The city is a stratocracy run by the seven leaders of the Formaire academy, each one specializing in a particular branch or discipline of the military.


All 8,000 White Plumes may be called upon, at a moment's notice, to defend the city.


Storm Reach is relatively self contained, though they do import food stock from the Freemantle. Below its outer, Lumerian walls, the city docks harbor a decent navy, as well as a good number of independent fishing boats.


Storm Reach features a well stocked armory, which includes a multitude of wares from Markhan.


Storm Reach is an odd blend of ancient walls and modern infrastructure. Almost all of its buildings are constructed from stone and brick, though none within can match the perfection of the "unbreakable" outer walls.  


Seated on a peninsula surrounded by two bays, the land itself is a relative flood plain, rich in farmable soil, which is left to several villages of the Freemantle to exploit.

Natural Resources

The rich soil of the region, along with the vibrant waters of the surrounding bays, gives Storm Reach access to all the food crops they'd ever need. Also, much of the sundered Lumerian stonework has been repurposed, giving the residents of the city a good selection of rock to work from. Beyond this, they import wood and metals from their neighbors.
Alternative Name(s)
City of the White Plumes
15,000 civilians and 8,000 soldiers
Inhabitant Demonym
All soldiers who have graduated from the academy are known as White Plumes
Location under
Owning Organization

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