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The Churn

"The Guardian of Celene..."

At the base of Mount Celene, and circumnavigating it's entire diameter, is the magically corrupted waters of The Churn. Only about 1,800 feet in width (its radius from the shore to the holy mountain), the Churn is still one of the most feared "natural" wonders of the world.   Its waters feed several lakes that run down through the Dullwood, and as such, they have turned the forest to its own style of corruption and mutation. Animals that drink from, or (foolishly) swim in, its waters come back changed forever. The mutations produced by the waters are never uniform or the same. Sometimes they are beneficial changes, but much more commonly the mutations are malevolent and often terminal in nature. It corrupts both the body and the mind. It turns docile creatures into fierce beings trapped in a permanent blood rage.   The waters of the Churn flow backwards, in defiance of nature. They always flow at a rapid clip, giving the "lake" the appearance of a whirlpool. It is said that if one were to enter the waters and swim against the flow, the lake's magic will alter their position in time, sending them backwards along the stream of history. None are known to have tested this theory, as even the most suicidal adventurer fears the twisting, mutating magic of the waters.  
Churn Menace


This raging, swirling "lake" surrounds the base of the holy mountain, extending from Celene approximately 1,800 feet. Within that meager distance, the Churn is a tempest, destroying all outsiders that enters its violent waters.

Fauna & Flora

The Churn has transformed the creatures and plants of the Dullwood, mutating them into fell beasts and ambulatory plants that have adapted to survive in the harsh landscape sculpted by the distorting magic of the lake itself. Some of the creatures have been altered beyond recognition, appearing as fearsome shadows of their formers selves. Others, however, maintain the general appearance of their former lives, making them all the more deadly to those who think they "understand" what they're up against.  
Alternative Name(s)
The Moat of Celene
Location under

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