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The Blight

"North of the Dullwood lie the spires of Celene..."

At the edge of the North in Hariel Majour stretches the imposing Blight range of jagged peaks. Most notable for including Mount Celene as their centerpiece, the Blight however, has many other notable traits.   Spanning a length of 900 miles, the Blight is the ancestral home to many legendary creatures and races. As far as Gothenkind, the Blight Dwarves are the most prosperous dwarven community in the West. They live within strongholds carved out of the moutain sides, and burrowed into their cavernous depths. The largest of these being the Dwarven kingdom of Harnath Uul. The Blight Dwarves are so in tune with the rocks of the North that some say they can even eat and digest rocks from their native land.   Along with dwarves, the Blight also serves as home to most types of dragons and giants as well. It is rumored that both giants and dragons were the first inhabitants of the civilized world, sent by the gods to prepare the world for their coming. If this is true, something went terribly wrong, for both species a now rare and few throughout the West, with the largest accumulation of both being within the Blight.   Dragons nest in the dangerous mountain peaks, while Stone Giants compete with dwarves for dominion of the various mountain caves of the region. Frost Giants roam the steppes on the far northern edge of the Blight, their domain ending at the Spectral Sea.   Though their numbers aren't a fraction of what they allegedly were at the start of the "civilized" world, these giants still pose a formidable threat to the human populace of the region. However, it's the legacy born of the proximity of these two species that really makes the north unique. Here, and only here (with the possible exception of the Demon Isles), might one find half-giants born of the bizarre bond between human and giant, along with Goliaths. Goliaths are cousins to giantkin, having slightly more human blood than that of their oversized relatives. Goliaths, while solitary, tend to get along better with the humans of the various small towns and villages ringing the mountain bases. Few venture south, but those who do typically adhere to the "adventurer's code," that being "wanderlust before family ties."  


Icy and desolate, with small patches of flora amidst a sea of rock. The Blight lies north of the Dullwood, and touches the Spectral Sea on the waters southern edge. The land is speckled with small villages and frontier towns, home to the hardiest stock of human and demi-human. Here humans, goblinoids and even isagorn manage to band together against an even more formidable enemy... the north itself.

Fauna & Flora

Some of the most fierce beasts call the Blight home. Besides the dragons and giants of common lore, one might find terrors such as the giant, millipede-like remhoraz, or ancient mammoths thought extinct elsewhere in the world.

Natural Resources

Resources are what you make of them in the north. Wood from the Dullwood, though often cursed, is commonly used in the construction of homes and fortifications. Rock and minerals from the Blight range are one of the few, plentiful resources, and one brave enough can allegedly strike a fortune mining precious ore from the very same mountains. If, of course, they can get past those guarding (and hoarding) those resources.
A Goliath...
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The Titan Range, The World Crest
Mountain Range
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