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The Auction House of Angleport

"The Sacred Trust of the Custodians"

Roan Miller runs the "Sacred Trust of the Custodians" auction House in the Market District of Angleport. He's a retired Custodian, having served as a records keeper in the The Tower of Light for the majority of his life. He is also an archmage, though appears to be little more than a doddering old man. This is partially a ruse to gain the relaxation and trust of his clients. It has the added effect of outing potential troublemakers who might not fear an old man as they would a powerful wizard.   The auction house traffics in many different types of wares, all of them quite valuable, and many of them arcane in nature. Though it is technically a violation of the Kings Law to traffic in magic items, as long as the items in question have a secondary value, everyone tends to look the other way. A portion of the house's earnings go to both The Custodians and the crown of Wyeth, which does a lot to keep the business in good graces of the king (and, by proxy, Hex Chain).  

Purpose / Function

Sometimes used as a royal banquet hall, the Sacred Trust's primary business is high-end auctions. Some of the most rare and expensive goods and relics pass through the former temple's doors on a somewhat regular basis.


The auction hall is an old, converted temple of Mordane, the Lord of War. The temple sanctum is used for the actual auctions, while the halls and rooms behind the converted pulpit are used to secure and house the auction items. This section also holds Roan Miller's personal quarters.


A tall, stone edifice with vaulted ceilings and several great spires that reach towards the heavens.


The Sacred Trust began its life as a temple to Mordane, and was around for most of Angleport's existence (at least as long as the Market District has been around). After the temple fell on hard times, the priests were approached by an interested buyer who offered to take the failing building off their hands (so that the priests would be free to occupy a smaller, more affordable temple) with the promise that the ancient crypts below would be left intact and undisturbed. Some find it mildly creepy that their auctions are going down just one floor above an ancient mausoleum, home to some of the greatest warriors of Mordane.
Alternative Names
The temple of Mordane
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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