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Ruins of the First Men

"The Boon of Lumeria..."

Just outside (to the west of) the free city of Jomor, capital of the Democracy of Wheat, lies one of the most prominent ruins attributed to Lumeria and the "Age of Legends." The name of the fallen city is lost to time, but the locals have come to call it "The Ruins of the First Men," or even "The Boon of Lumeria."   Over a square mile in scope, the ruins seem to be of a large city, and one with a prominent citadel at its heart. The ruins have served as the site of numerous excavations, and some of the only decent relics salvaged from Lumeria have come from there. As of late, however, the site has become infested with Goblinoids from the far north, and the soldiers of the Democracy of Wheat have as of yet been unable to expel them. This unrelated aggression has raised tensions between the Freemantle and the Isagorn of Narfell. The Isagorn have rightfully pointed out their lack of affiliation to these goblinoid invaders (many of which are displaced Isagorn), but this has done little to ease the rising feelings of resentment and aggression.   Compounding the problem is that the "leader" of the assorted goblinoids seems to be an aging black dragon, Xalagath, intent on finding an assumed lost treasure horde within the citadel's walls. Xalagath is likely going senile and seeks to relive the former glories of his youth. The dragon's constant presence has led some to call the ruins, "Xalagath Keep." Others refer to it as "Narvinast," which is goblinoid for "Goblin's Hold."   Currently, the combined invading forces cannot hold the entire city, so they've wisely decided to concentrate on the keep at it's heart instead. Though, feeling the call of their brethren, a steady stream of displaced goblins, isagorn and bugbears have been descending upon the ruined city, vowing allegiance to the dragon at its heart.   Clarent Wyeth's current decision to not "retake" the territory has caused a good degree of strife amongst his vassals and the residents of the far west. The crown sees comparatively little value in taking a city they never controlled in the first place, especially one unsuitable for civilized life. The people of Jomor and the Democracy of Wheat see things quite differently, as they know the defensive (and offensive) value of the ruins to those who hold it. They are, at present, appealing the crown to take decisive action, though they fear words alone may not get the job done.  

Purpose / Function

Originally an outpost for the ancient nation of Lumeria, now it stands as a testament to the fallen empire. It has, at various times, served as a strong defensive point for Jomor, but it is currently being used as a stronghold by goblinoids and their black dragon master.
Unknown, but at least 40,000 years ago.
Alternative Names
Keep of the First Men, Xalagath Keep, Narvinast
Parent Location

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