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Rocha, the Domain of

The lands of Rocha lie on the southeastern seaboard of Hariel Majour. The capital of Rocha is the city of Cornelia, from which the Barony of Rocha is ruled (by the Baron Navac the 3rd). Originally part of the Sunlit Vale of the Heartlands, the Barony now claims sovereign independence from the farming democracy, and even took several territories of the Sunlit Vale as its own.   The Barony of Rocha was the catalyst in the uprising against the crown of Wyeth, and its reputation has never fully recovered.   Read more about Rocha in the article The Barony of Rocha.  


Primarily open plains and farming lands, but with mountains near the coast, east of Cornelia.
Alternative Name(s)
The Barony of Rocha
Location under
Owning Organization
Contested By

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