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"The Kingdom of the Solti"

The elven kingdom of Neishmehil lies at the heart of the Feywood, just beyond the treacherous expanse of the blighted Dullwood in the northeast corner of Hariel Majour. It is the largest Solti settlement in the west, and possibly the world. It's population consists of roughly 80,000 Solti and 10,000 Kelti elves.   It's tallest spire, atop the ruling Palace of Keyloslein, presents one of the greatest views of Mount Celene's summit. The ruling council lives within the walls of the massive palace, where they convene regularly to discuss matters of import to both the Solti and the world. The Solti are very inward thinking, and as such, are not part of any wider organization such as The Kingdom of Wyeth or the Freemantle, though they trade (when necessary) with both those political groups.   Neishmehil is protected by the Kelti of the Feywood, and it is nearly impossible for one to gain access to the royal city without a proper invitation. As the Solti are a reclusive bunch, such invitations are rarely advanced.  


The city is almost exclusively elvish, skewing 70% Solti and 30% Kelti.


Ruled by the Fey Court and the Council of Eight.


Neishmehil mantains a private army of 8,000 "elites," pulled from the best of the Solti ranks. Beyond that, the general defenses consists of citizen soldiers that may be mustered at any time to create an army of roughly 20,000.

Industry & Trade

The Solti trade both goods such as wood and fruit, as well as magically enhanced items of their own construction. They are a rare exception to the King's Law regarding magic. However, due to this, they are often looked at suspiciously by outsiders who do not trust their haughty nature.  


Hidden away in the woods and isolated from the rest of the world, Neishmehil is self sufficient and has everything it needs to function without significant trade or interaction with other cultures. It's mills pull fresh water from the Blight, and from its bay, the Kelti are able to fish for the primary aquatic protein sources the community requires. Further, on the relatively rare occasion they need to import or export goods, the bay provides access to the World Sea. The Solti maintain a decent fleet of naval vessels.


The wood and fruit from the Feywood are highly coveted by the outside world.


It is unknown to those outside the Feywood how long Neishmehil has existed, and the Solti aren't clamoring to reveal the secret. This being said, it is clear that the city predates any known human civilization in the west, including the Kingdom of Wyeth. It's suspected, in fact, to be far older, possibly spanning back tens of thousands of years.   The Solti are also quite secretive when it comes to important events effecting the city. Thusly, it's difficult to keep an accurate historical record, and only the Custodians of the Tower of Light seem to have any true insight into the inner workings of the elven city.   The only well known historical events surrounding Neishmehil involve the few times it has been the subject of military action. Possibly the most (in)famous being its role in the Sundering. During the protracted conflict, the city provided aid to the Faith Zenithal and the soldiers of Wyeth, seeing a common enemy in the Sanguine Order of blood mages. Many outsiders had established temporary homes within the Feywood by the end of the conflict, but these new residents were unceremoniously kicked out the moment the battle came to an end. This action on, on part of the Solti, created a longstanding animosity (albeit under the surface) in many peoples of Wyeth, and more than anything else, earned the winter elves their reputation as haughty and cold.


Ancient trees merged seamlessly with fine stone craft are the hallmarks of elven architecture. Every inch of their territory is built up with work-live spaces, however these spaces maintain their natural life and beauty. The elves do an incredible job of not affecting the flora and fauna of the Feywood while still carving out enough space for themselves to operate.


Situated in the center of the Feywood and extending to the eastern edge of Hariel Majour, Neishmehil is rife with natural resources and well placed for defense. Its navy defends the city from any threat from the sea, while the Kelti army protects the western access points. Further, on it's northwestern edge, the city connects with the impassible, far edge of the Blight, creating further defenses.  
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Glorious Winter
Large city
Unknown, but assumed to be approx. 200,000 Solti Elves and another 100,000 Kelti Elves
Inhabitant Demonym
Solti Elves, The Winter Elves , High Elves, The Descendants
Location under

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