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Progress & the Colleges of Wick

"Neutrality and Knowledge..."

The city of Progress, which also envelops the neighboring Colleges of Wick, is the largest hub of activity in "Middle Hariel" (the land-bridge that connects Hariel Majour to Hairel Minuta).   The Colleges of Wick are situated on a long stretch of land, connecting the buildings and towers of the interdisciplinary "Schools of the Art," thus forming the University of Wick within Progress' southern border. Within Wick lies The Velicium: the greater school of Invocation. It also houses the six renown bardic colleges of Hardrum (College of Lore), Pellora (College of Glamour), Mikel (College of Swords), Kothe (College of Whispers), Strout (College of Valor), and Wrythe (College of Satire).   Progress itself is a sizable trade city , surrounded by a network of small villages (many of which are set up as housing for students of the Arts). One notable village, "Creek Bed," is a slum set up to house the low income students of Wick. This village is far enough south that a network of private carriages (called The Advance Escort) are employed to shuttle the students back and forth.   A neutral city, not unlike post-war Vienna, the rules of civilized engagement make clear that no conflict will be tolerated within its borders. To enforce the law, the most infamous company of sell swords (a private militia), The Middle Hariel Diplomacy Company, are based out of the city (and protect it in return for their lodging).   Progress has served as the long-standing site for any significant peace treaty or armistice signing between nation states of any import. Not once has such a meeting ended in violence. Various nations maintain noble houses as "embassies" in the international quarter of the city, and here many barons and liege lords live in foreign service to their homelands.  
Library of Wick


The colleges have a total student population that fluctuates between 3,000 - 5,000.  


Progress is run by an elected council of five representatives who are chosen for eight year terms. These positions rotate and not all five are up for election at any one time. The Colleges of Wick are run by a chancellor who is aided by a professors' council, comprised of those full-time professors with the most seniority.


Neither Progress nor Wick maintains an standing army of any size. They are both reliant upon sell swords (such as The Middle Hariel Diplomacy Company) to provide defenses. That being said, Progress does have a full-time city watch of approximately 100-200 officers.

Industry & Trade

Progress features a large shipyard in Bleeders Bay, and maintains a constant influx of traders from various regions. As it is tied to Wick, Progress also benefits from the industry of academia, and students not only live in the city, but they also procure their magical (and non-magical) supplies there.


Progress is a fairly modern city, albeit a small one, with decent waterworks and multiple mills that access the bay.

Guilds and Factions

The Middle Hariel Diplomacy Company (the primary sell sword company employed for the city's defenses). Progress also features guilds representing each of the eight primary schools of magic (such as the Abjurers' Guild and the Invokers' Guild). Beyond this, Wick features a student council, called "The Lamp Lighters," complete with its own internal government, established to deal with undergraduate concerns below the scope of the chancellor and his staff. Further, both professional bards and bardic students (on a probationary level) typically belong to "The Harmonium," a guild that brings performers of different talents together for the greater good of all.  


Progress was established during The Age of Destiny, as a safe haven for Gothens of all races and creeds on their northern pilgrimage to Mount Celene.   THE COLLEGES OF WICK   After the Sundering, as the vast majority of mages (those of any true power) made the great exodus south. Those who did not cross the World Sea generally traveled far enough to (re)establish Varuum. One group, however, decided to make a stand when crossing The Throat.   There, just outside of Progress, they found the ruins of an old citadel, the remnants of a much older civilization. Finding it fortifiable (thus able to defend), the arcane casters holed up there and awaited the coming storm. They were not disappointed, as the army of Wyeth (which also mustered a good portion of the Freemantle) soon arrived. If the army commanders expected to find an easy target, they were sorely disappointed. The exiled casters stood their ground and fought off an army nearly 100 times their size. But they didn't do it alone. Those with summoning magic used their powers to raise several powerful demons, in a last ditch attempt to fend off the intruders. A bloody battle ensued and, by the end, the king's army was repelled, though all but one of the demons was destroyed.   When an emissary from the collected mages explained that they merely wished to establish a new home, and had no intent to ever return to the north, the crown relented. Some say the notion of a magical college was born that day, as the emissary further offered to train the successive generations of Wyethian scholars in the ways of magic, so that the north would never be at the mercy of powerful wizards (or blood mages) again. Thus, an uneasy truce was born. Over the years, as the college developed and garnered more and more praise, the animosity was essentially forgotten. Now, the best and brightest of the kingdom of Wyeth (and from all over) jockey for positions within the hallowed halls of Wick. Even the current king's own magister is a graduate of Wick.   It is rumored that the last member of the original mages who defended the ruins that eventually became the Velicium (around which the other colleges were constructed) still survives, and remains the power behind the scenes at Wick. Obviously, this would make him over a thousand years old, and those who perpetuate the rumor also surmise that this archmage "lives on" as a lich. The alleged lich in question is Wick's very first professor of Invocation and Necromancy (as well as the first college chancellor), known only as Leninteur.


While Progress itself consists of predominantly low-lying stone and wood buildings, the colleges tend towards much taller, tower-like structures.  


Located on the plains of the Throat, with access to the Inner Sea via Bleeder's Bay on the western edge of Progress.
Alternative Name(s)
The Middle City
12,000 residents within Progress' walls, and another 8,000 in the small villages beyond. The Colleges of Wick maintains a body of around 3,000 students at any given time.
Inhabitant Demonym
Students of the Colleges of Wick are called "Wicks."
Location under

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