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Where piracy reigns...

Situated in the northern Bay of Middle Hariel, Prosperity is a town that once lived up to its name. But that was a very long time ago. Originally founded as a port town for trading goods to and from the east (along with the eastern portion of the Hariel supercontinent), it didn't take long for Prosperity to become overrun by pirates from Golthien and the Serpent's Teeth. Pirates seeking a base of operations in the west.   The peaceful people of the land turned to the Barony of Rocha for assistance in dealing with the pirate threat, but found no help forthcoming. It's almost as if the barony desired the town to fall to plunder. And possibly with good reason. For when Prosperity was law abiding, it was simply another port town. But now, after the pirate incursion, it became a bastion for black market goods and other indecent sundries from all over the world.   The town itself is relatively new, having been established only a few hundred years ago. And it's lawless days have only been in effect for some sixty or seventy years, for it was in the late 1300's that it's mayoral office was taken by the "Free Captains of the World Sea." The Free Captains are a loose association of pirates, black market sea merchants, and privateers who control both the Inner Sea and large swaths of the World Sea. They are feared and (sometimes) respected by all non-naval vessels (mostly any but those of Wyeth) traveling "their" sea lanes.   Though the Free Captains have chapters in most major seaports, they chose the relatively small town of Prosperity as the base of their western operations. Possibly because of its position relative to the World Sea, possibly due to lack of overt competition within the town itself. There's also talk of a strong working relationship with Rocha, who could easily trounce the pirate menace if they so chose.   Relating to how Prosperity handles relations with its neighbors, the town's mayor and council (comprised of several sea captains, elected by, and only by, other seamen) have adopted a "don't mess with us and we won't mess with you" stance, which keeps trade lanes open and active.   The crown of Wyeth is aware of the situation in Prosperity and frowns upon it, however due to its popularity with a certain contingent of possible troublemakers, the king has turned a blind eye to its activities. For now. The kingdom is well aware that black market items and contraband of all types can be found within the very Freemantle it supposedly has some say over. But with the growth of power and discontent within Rocha, now is not the time to kick the ant pile.  


Predominantly human (80%), with the remaining 20% filled almost evenly (racially) from the detritus of the world's various peoples. Oddly, the town has a significant number of halflings living in the "slum" burrows near the docks.


Prosperity is run by an elected mayor, Bael Avison, who maintains his longstanding position through bribery and political favors. Bael also owns or has interest in a good number of local businesses, not all of them legitimate. It is rumored that Bael is (or was) a Club Master, formerly of Angleport who was either exiled or possibly still even works with them. At the very least, it would be foolish to assume that the Club Masters do not have some significant presence within the town's walls.


Prosperity doesn't have a standing army and cannot seem to maintain a civilian watch. Thus, it falls upon the city council to hire sell swords for the town's policing and defense. Many of these mercenaries are escaped convicts and pirates themselves, unemployable anywhere else, and thus not much better than the criminal element they're tasked to deal with.

Industry & Trade

As mentioned previously, Prosperity features a bustling market consisting of goods from across the sea, many of them not quite legal.  


Prosperity has all the amenities of a modern town twice its size. From well positioned and appointed docks to an actual, functioning sewer system, the town continues to innovate using the spoils of illegal trade.


If it's to be found, it can be found in Prosperity. This, of course, primarily relates to sundries best left unspoken. Though not as bad as, say, a slave market such as Qudra, Prosperity continually pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable under the watchful eye of Wyeth. Trade goes both directions, and many black marketeers flock to the town to ply their wares. Further, many criminal businesses have "evolved" within the protective walls of the town. Prosperity is known for its creation and distillation of various narcotic drugs, previously unseen in the west, and possibly even invented in the proportionally tiny settlement.

Guilds and Factions

Many of the major criminal empires have branches or at least representatives in Prosperity. From the Thornblacks to the Zanzakkar Thieves' Guild, if it traffics in the underhanded and illegal, you'll find it in Prosperity.


Most of the buildings within the town are wooden, and a great many were originally built as single story structures, but have accrued second and even third floors. The town is packed so densely, the only way to expand is up. However, civil planning is not a strong suit in Prosperity, so many (if not all) the "upwardly mobile" structures are rather ramshackle (and even that's being generous).


Situated in the northern Bay of Middle Hariel, not far from Rocha, Prosperity controls quite an influential seaport for such a comparatively small settlement.

Natural Resources

Fish and seafood from the bay, contraband from across the world. Prosperity gets the majority of its other needs via trade, as the town always has what other people want.
Alternative Name(s)
Prosperity Lost, Pirate's Cove
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
The Prosperous
Location under
Owning Organization

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