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The Underdark

"What lies beneath..."

There have always been creatures below the surface of the world. The dark has teemed with life, squirming, burrowing, since before recorded time. But the passages and great cities of the "Wet Dark" (The Underdark) and its Deepening Pits are the direct results of the Sundering.   The Qualenti dark elves were originally just a faction of what would later be known as the Kelti wood elves, but as they conspired with black magicians to rob Celene of her power, they were forced to flee after the Sundering. Many went south, as in the popular lore of Hariel Minuta. But others, ones with souls so dark that they feared even the free thinkers of the Southron Vale (despite their Do What Thou Wilt mentality)... they fled DOWN.   The Underdark began simply as massive fissures in the earth, called Deepening Pits, created by the seismic activity in the wake of The Sundering. Through these fissures (some deep into the mantle of Gothenya), the blood mages fled. It just so happened that the majority of the ones who made the exodus below ground were elves. This may be attributed to the fact that both the Solti and the Kelti have, as their heritage, the honor of being "protectors" of Celene. To them, being instrumental in the Sundering of the holy mountain is the ultimate betrayal.   As the blood mages descended into the dark, they found tunnels and trails created by many of the animal denizens of the realm. Using these as a starting point, they began crafting the great cities of the Underdark, using blood magic to literally sculpt the rock into impossible shapes.   As they dug deeper and deeper, they encountered heretofore unknown sentient lifeforms, including the Duegar, subterranean cousins to the dwarves of The Blight.   There are many infamous cities in the subterranean realms. None quite as large as Angleport, but several that rival Varuumae Corona in scope and population. There's even a version of the underdark on the eastern continent of Golthien. This realm was purposely created by the blood mages who fled Hariel Majour, and is home to their capital city (and throne) of Lentokk (which itself was taken from its original, benevolent rulers).   There are also numerous trading posts and major trade cities, both importing items unavailable below ground, and exporting the unique wares of the Underdark. The trade cities and posts are amongst the few places where surface dwellers can rub elbows with Qualenti (and other subterranean denizens) without fear for their safety.  
  Some of the oldest sentient lifeforms on Gothenya call the Underdark their home. Aboleths, mind flayers and other "alien" intelligences remain below, beyond the sight of man, in order to carry out their often nefarious schemes and lifestyles.   On Hariel Majour, some of the greatest cities of the underdark include Menzoberranzan, Ched Nasad, Dusklyngh, and Abaethaggar. DM Note: these cities are verbatim taken from the Forgotten Realms, and existing sourcebooks may be used to populate and map these locations.  


Though initially only found in Hariel Majour (due to the effected radius of The Sundering), there is also an underdark equivalent in Golthien, created by the Lentokki blood mages when they moved east. The heart of Golthien's underdark lies beneath the city-state of Lentokk, where massive deepening pits pock the landscape. One such pit is home to The Alabast, the throne of the greatest Lentokki God King, Xrie Palax.  
  There are a surprising number of large rivers and streams beneath the world, and many of the Qualenti cities and towns are built up around them.  

Fauna & Flora

Qualenti, Duegar, Mind Flayers, Aboleths, and a variety of demons and devils call the underdark home. Demons and devils enjoy the inhospitable domain and are often summoned to help the malicious scheming of the Qualenti.   Despite the usually hostile beings of the underdark, there are several benevolent races as well. Most prevalent of these are the Myconids, or fungus people.  

Natural Resources

The most prevalent food source in the Underdark is the wide variety of edible mushrooms that thrive in the gloom and wetness below ground.
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The Wet Dark
Underground / Subterranean
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