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Elimer River, North and South

"The Twins"

One of the great mysteries of the West, The Elimer is proof positive of the bizarre magic of the Churn. Born from the swirling waters, originating in the Blight, the master river defies all logic by splitting off a northern branch that cuts between the Silver Peaks and the Crown Peaks. The cause of the split is a mystery, as all other lakes take the path of least resistance on their journey to the sea.   Some mages and Arcanists believe the river follows hidden, magical lay-lines, deep beneath the earth. This, however, has yet to be proven, even through study within The Underdark (which avoids this region, as it does most with surface water). Though one dark theory presumes the North Elimer is not, in fact, a split in the river system, but rather a hidden, unique river, fed upwards from an uncharted and forbidden section of the Underdark.   Oddly, though the waters are "infected" by the Churn, they become drinkable (and swimmable) beginning at the exact point where the north-south split occurs. This territory is called The Blood Fens, as the marshland is populated by an otherwise unknown flower called the Crimson Reed. The crimson reed is indeed a long, reed-like stalk that ends in a lighter red blossom. The plant seems almost alien in nature, combining aspects of various terrestrial plants, as if mutated.   Superstition keeps all but the most stout of heart from entering the Blood Fens, but it is said that large deposits of magic are there for the brave to collect. Those who have ventured into the fens describe odd noises and a sense of being followed. These, of course, are merely recollections of those who actually returned...   It is said that the marshlands and fens covering the area where the rivers "split" was once a lake of its own, before the Sundering. Indeed there is the ruins of a trade city, overgrown with plant-life, at the edge of the Blood Fens, suggesting that indeed this water-logged region used to foster a lake of its own. Because of it's relative insignificance at the time, it's an odd blindspot in the lore of Wyeth. Conspiracy theorists assume the Custodians know the truth, but due to the magical savagery of the area, have suppressed such knowledge from the common people.  
North Elimer
Elimer South


Surrounded by a fertile flood plain and marshlands.
Alternative Name(s)
The Winding River, The Great Elimer
Location under

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