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The Feywood

"Homeland of the elves..."

Touching the western edge of the Dullwood, in Hariel Majour's savage North, the Feywood is the ancestral home of the Kelti and Solti elves. The Kelti wood elves make their homes in the trees of the Feywood, sharing the landscape with various fey creatures of legend. The Solti, not content to live off the land, built their forest kingdom of Neishmehil within the heart of the Feywood.   There is a somewhat shaky alliance between the Kelti and their Solti cousins, with the former serving as protectors of Neishmehil, a city they do not have full access to. In return, the Solti provide the amenities of culture and technology to their forest kin. There is much resentment on both sides, but for now the arrangement seems to work.   The strong magic of the Feywood mostly prevents the corrupted evils of the Dullwood from taking root within its borders. Mostly. Whatever manages to break through is (typically) swiftly dealt with by the Kelti protectors of the woods (often in league with a variety of other fey creatures).  
  Some of the creatures the Kelti call allies are magical in origin, thought to possibly have been created by elven sorcery. These beasts resemble topiary animals, their shapes similar to the most fearsome of the forest beasts, but with bodies constructed entirely of living wood and other plant matter. These "walking plants" are fiercely loyal to the Kelti and often fight by their side.  
Feywood Kelti


Located at the northeastern tip of Hariel Majour, the Feywood is as lush as the Dullwood is sickly. It features a range of deciduous trees that eventually give way to a northern range of evergreens. All the trees are quite large specimens, many large enough to serve as home for the various fey folk that live within the forest.

Fauna & Flora

The Feywood is thick with trees of a variety of types, from deciduous to evergreen, depending upon how far north or south one travels within its borders. The woods are rife with a broad array of life, including many species of fey creatures, such as elves and faeries. Not all the wood's inhabitants are slight and beautiful, however. There are dangers to be found amongst the trees. From owlbears to other creatures from the Feywild, transported there, some say, via hidden portals to the Ethereal Plane.

Natural Resources

The wood of the forest is strong, and anything crafted from it tends to be of the highest quality. It's even said that some of the trees are enchanted, imbuing anything created from them with a portion of their innate magic.
Alternative Name(s)
The Elven Wood
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