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Clay Liford | Member Since 1 Oct, 2018
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Blood of the Vala'Suun


I'm a filmmaker based in Austin, TX (and LA). I've written and directed several fims, from MY MOM SMOKES WEED (Sundance 2010), to SLASH (SXSW 2016). Check out my features WUSS, EARTHLING, and SLASH on Amazon Prime!   clayliford and @DnD_Party on twitter I also run a D&D broadcast show called "D&D Party Tonite" on Austin Public Access (soon to be on Twitch)! UPDATE! Recently we have switched systems from D&D 5e to Dungeon Crawl Classics(DCC)! You'll be seeing a slight paradigm shift on the entries over the next few months. Thanks!

Favorite Movies

Brazil, The 400 Blows (and its sequels)

Favorite TV Series

The Wire

Favorite Writers

Harlan Ellison, James Ellroy, Phillip K Dick, Lynda Barry, Dan Clowes

Favorite Games

Dungeon Crawls Classics, AD&D, Old School Essentials, ICRPG, Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Latest Loved work

The Abyss


Atha - Hand of War

Senjō Region