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"City of the Builders"

Nestled between the Bay of Rocha and the Elhea River at the lower part of the Sunlit Vale, Telent stands as a monument the "natural progress" and is the center of development and technology in the west. A city of roughly 20,000 people, Telent also features the largest settlement of gnomes in Hariel Majour, many of which are builders, tinkerers, and artificers.   Telent is called the "Builder's Haven," and the best of the best amongst innovative creators come far and wide to study and practice within its borders. It is home to the various Builders' Clans, each one dominating a different sort of locomotive technique or clockwork technology. The rivalry between the clans previously bordered on actual violence, but has become significantly more peaceful of late.   Although part of the Democracy of Wheat, Telent trades with all lands, spanning the world. Many technological innovations, from modern carriage design to the printing press, have their origins in Telent.  


Telent's residential break down skews approximately 60% human, 20% gnome, and 20% mixed other.


Telent is a member of the Democracy of Wheat, and is locally governed by a Lord Mayor. The current mayor is a human industrialist originally from Varuumae Corona named Meftis Halanot.


Telent does not have a standing army, and is forced to rely upon the services of several sell sword companies, the most notable being the "Hammer of the West." In total, at any given time Telent has approximately 800-1,000 mercenary (and citizen) soldiers it can mobilize to face outside threats. These same soldiers also serve the day-to-day task of policing the city itself.

Industry & Trade

Telent is the center of innovation in the west, and as such exports the vast majority of new and improved mechanical and technological tools, equipment and novelties.


The city infrastructure is a hodgepodge of various city services and conveniences, from windmills to watermills, all stacked up virtually on top of each other. The furnaces of the various clan shops spew a thick black smoke, day and night. For all its haphazardness, Telent maintains a remarkably clean and efficient sewer system.


If it's mechanical in nature, you're bound to find it in Telent.

Guilds and Factions

The city is run by the various "Builders' Clans," such as the Hydraulics Guild (the "Water Movers"), The Pneumats and The Cog Masters.


One of the more recently developed cities, Telent was formed less than a thousand years ago during the centennial of the Democracy of Wheat. It was built by a shared consortium of workers from all the associated member cities as a Mecca for progress and development. It was the Freemantle's bid into world trade outside of mere food crops. Naturally, it instantly attracted a huge number of experiment happy gnomes, who basically adopted the city for their own.


There is little to no city planning beyond the initial build out, many years past. Since its founding, Telent has grown in all conceivable directions and angles. Many buildings stand at extreme and odd angles, and quite a few are incomplete. Gnomes are known more for their ideas, and not as much for their follow through.  


Telent sits upon a flood plain just east of the Elhea River, allowing the residents to grow their own crops. As such, many small farms have popped up on the outskirts of the section referred to as "Newtown."

Natural Resources

Beyond food crops, where Telent may fall short on minerals and wood, it makes up for in intellectual resources. Invention is key.
Alternative Name(s)
"The City of the Cog"
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