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The Council of the Freemantle

The council is comprised of members from each city capital (typically one per city, but occasionally more if the city populace is extensive enough) within the various sub-regions of the Freemantle.   As mentioned above, unless otherwise noted, each region elects one representative, who may or may not have any actual ruling power within their home city. Some are the actual barons, dukes or lord mayors, while others are simply politicians elected for their oratory and diplomacy skills (and their pliancy). Regardless of their pedigree, they serve in their roles for differing lengths of time, dependent upon the electoral standards of their separate city or nation states.   Collectively, the states and their representatives operate as a confederacy, and somewhat of a representational democracy. However, the current alliance is rather weak, as it comprises both lands that fought with and against the crown during the uprising. The lands are split on their feelings regarding the Restoration of the Crown.   The council convenes quarterly, rotating between the various capitals of each sub-region. Once per year, they travel for a grand concordance to Prosperity, where major items for the next year are broached.  
Council of Freemantle
Current Location

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