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"The Seat of Democracy"

The capital city of the Democracy of Wheat, Jomor was once simply a vassal state to the fallen kingdom of Nerithar, in the days long before the Sundering. After Nerithar was dissolved by the Kingdom of Wyeth (see "The War For The West" in the "timeline" section), Jomor became a free city. Soon after, it became the birthplace for the great democracy that spans the eastern third of Hariel Majour.   The principal ruling body of the democracy (which includes Jomor) is called the Council of the Freemantle, or sometimes The People's Council. It consists of representatives from all democratic cities and townships within the Freemantle, all elected by their regional populaces. The acting government, once elected, convenes and operates out of Jomor. A single term in the council runs for five years.   The council is responsible for appointing magistrates, arguing the law, along with interpreting and setting into practice the tenets of the Freemantle's constitution, otherwise known as "The Longform Decree." In political debate, the position of a councilor holds weight over that of a magistrate or other local officials. Every year the Council of the Freemantle appoints a single member as it's public spokesperson. This position is known as "Speaker of the Council." The current speaker is also the mayor of Jomor, the honorable Melissan Harbold.   Formal council is held thrice a year (twice in Jomor, once in Progress), at which the bulk of the "confederacy's" (though more accurate, the Freemantle refuses to consider itself a true nation) governance is decided. As there is no president of the council, the gatherings are presided over by the Speaker of the Council herself. The democracy has toyed with the notion of a "Supreme Elect," to separate powers from the council, but as of yet fear of a more centralized government has kept this at bay.   As a city, Jomor is a bustling trade community, lying upon the banks of the river Eneris, which connects Jomor to the coast. It is surrounded by farming communities that thrive upon the rich soil of the region. Just beyond Jomor is one of the great wonders of the world... the ruins of an ancient city, once part of the fallen empire of Lumeria (see "Ruins of the First Men").  


80% human, 18% assorted elves, halflings, and dwarves, 2% other (such as gnomes, isagorn, tieflings).


Jomor is part of a representative democracy, and is locally ruled by a Mayor.


Jomor's defenses are held by both a citizen army of farmer-soldiers, some 2,000 strong, as well as a private army of 800 full-time soldiers loyal to the local government.

Industry & Trade

Jomor's many farms allow for a variety of crops, including wheat, corn and cereals.
Alternative Name(s)
The Seat Of Democracy
Inhabitant Demonym
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