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Dunlan Keep

"Stronghold of the Veterans..."

Dunlan Keep was erected centuries ago as a home for retired commanders of the Wyethian army. It is a citadel, surrounded by a multitude of smaller keeps and minor strongholds, each with a small parcel of farmable land enclosed within its borders. As such, Dunlan Keep is more a small city than an individual outpost. It is technically a holding of Wyeth, and its lords are vassals to the king, however they are not called upon in times of war, and they do not pay a tax to the crown.   They are, in effect, self sufficient and nearly sovereign (minus the lip service to fealty to the crown). The only law that is held fast within its borders is that the occupants will never take up arms against the crown or revolt in any manner. Beyond that, they're free to negotiate whatever they wish with their neighbors (which are primarily farms and a few mines).   Depending on the respectability of the current king of Wyeth, the ex-military nobles of Dunlan Keep sometimes attend court (and sometimes, notably, don't). Some of the more nefarious kings in Wyeth's history have feared the possibility of revolt from within their territories, but none so much as an uprising from Dunlan Keep.   The veterans of the Keep and its sister strongholds volunteered to defend farmlands loyal to the crown during the uprising led by the Barony of Rocha. They proved themselves, at this time, more than capable, and amongst the finest soldiers of any age, constantly besting youthful enemies with inferior training.  

Dunlan Keep


Militocracy (old habits die hard) in the form of a ranked council of "elders."


The former soldiers of Wyeth still stand ready for combat, if ever the need arises. Of the population, at least 800-1000 of those within its walls are capable combatants.


Dulan Keep controls numerous acres of farm land, and at least ten mines.


Established by RIkan Wyeth as a home for retired soldiers, Dulan Keep has stood, in peace, for several centuries.
Alternative Name(s)
Sunset Point, "The Retirement Village"
1,500 plus 800 seasonal farmers.
Location under
Hariel Majour
The Kingdom of Wyeth
Owning Organization

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