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Universities of Arcanum

"The Houses of Arcane Study and Trial..."

Though it is possible for an arcane caster to come into their own power through independent study, most mages seek out training in one of the various institutes of magic in either The Throat or Varuum.   As it stands, the majority of self-taught or hedge mages have somewhat of a limiting ceiling on their arcane gifts, and most can never proceed beyond a certain point without professional training.   The most noteworthy schools include those within the Colleges of Wick, broken up by circle of magic (the eight include: abjuration, illusion, enchantment, divination, evocation, transmutation, necromancy and conjuration) and contained within the massive Tower of Benevolence and the sprawling complex known as The Velicium. Other universities are found within the city of Varuumae Corona, with some advanced tutoring occurring within The Tower of Light.   Candidates for the various schools are sought from all across the lands, with only the best and brightest gaining admittance. Once admitted, each student must still prove their worthiness each semester, in order to advance to the next level of study. The undergraduate programs typically only advance students to the level of apprentice, at which time they are expected to leave the university and enter into an apprenticeship under a wizard with ties to the college. This period of independent study can go on for many years, but eventually the ambitious mage will wish to seek power beyond that attainable as a subordinate. At this point, the wizard becomes a professional and seeks out employment, from which they can continue to hone their art.   If the wizard continues to climb in power, and remains in practice, they will eventually reach a ceiling of sorts, past which they cannot advance any further. At this time, they may return to the university for their trials. These trials are extremely secretive and often quite dangerous. Though the particulars are a mystery to outsiders, one thing is for certain, those who enter their trials do not return the same... if they return at all.   Essentially all of the west's most powerful mages have taken their trials, after which they are granted the title of "Master of the Ninth Circle," with the ninth circle being that which surrounds and encloses all others.  

Purpose / Function

To educate and train the next generation of aspiring mages, wizards and arcane scholars throughout the west. To regiment and conduct the various (and dangerous) trials that each mage must go through to reach higher levels of arcane enlightenment. Finally, to study the flow and harnessing of the Eret Si'Nu, the innate magical energy suffused in our very atmosphere.
Alternative Names
Schools of Magic
College / Academy
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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