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Obloxis Azuun

"Kingdom of the Aboleths"

Down in the deepest section of the Wetdark (the many pools of water within The Underdark ), where even the insane Kuo-toa won't tread (without an invitation, at least), lies a small but powerful kingdom of aboleths known as Obloxis Azuun.   Aboleths, though aberrations, are counted amongst the very first lifeforms to call Gothenya home. They were also its very first conquerers. They are a race of amphibious intellects that resemble a giant eel crossed with a whale-like fish. Harnessing intense psionic abilities innate to each of their kind, the aboleths quickly dominated the "lower" lifeforms. And they considered any non-aboleth to be well beneath them.   The aboleth empire was founded upon the backs and labor of the first humanoids to manipulate tools., both humans and thri-kreen. These intelligent races were rounded up and enslaved and acting as the hands of their aboleth captors, forced to build great monuments to their aberrant power. They forged the "greatest dynasty to ever exist" before Lumeria was even a random notion on the wind.   This is the story aboleths tell, at least.   In actuality, much of what they claim as history may simply be trumped-up myth. This being said, it is widely believed (by those who in fact believe aboleths exist at all) that the great creatures were indeed amongst the earliest inhabitants of Gothenya. But did they ever truly dominate its lands?   Whatever the case, one thing is clear. With the coming of the Gods of Celene and the Holy Mountain, the aboleths almost entirely and immediately relocated underground, using their slave labor to dig out tunnels and burrows. Over the ensuing years they pushed deeper and deeper into the darkness below.   Today, their numbers are few but, beyond that, unknown. And colonies with multiple aboleths are relatively unheard of, as the creatures generally hate each other's guts and can't agree on anything (which lends additional credence to the theory that any great aboleth dynasty is but a myth). One of the few exceptions to this mutual gut-hating is the lair-like "city" of Obloxis Azuun.   Obloxis Azuun was founded an unknown number of years ago (but almost certainly pre-Sundering) by a council comprised of the few aboleths who seemed even remotely able to get along together for any significant amount of time. Their numbers could (and still can) be counted on two (human) hands.   The colony's entire alleged purpose is to be the launching pad for an eventual invasion of the surface world, during which the aboleths will retake what the Lords of Celene "stole" from them. They feel that the Sundering was a sign that their mission will be successful, and it's this small hope (or delusion) that keeps the wayward band of megalomaniacs together.   To this end, the Oblox (the ruling aboleth council within the city) work with various surface world criminal organizations, trading their great psionic powers in exchange for new allies and territory. Within the Underdark, they also occasionally conspire with the drow of several large cities, including Nyrthanguul, home of House Dey'orl.   When a member of the Oblox (or really any aboleth) wants to communicate with the outside world not through a slave proxy, they have the innate power to project a complex illusion (typically humanoid) that can travel significant distances, and through which they can actually see. These illusory people even sometimes venture to the surface world to conduct delicate Oblox business.   It is rumored that at least one of the Oblox has been keeping up a correspondence with members of a drow household in the Qualenti city of Nyrthanguul. This family may be House Dey'orl. The reasons for this alleged connection are currently unknown, and may be just rumors circulated by a rival house seeking to defame Dey'orl for "conspiring" with aberrations from beyond.  


Beyond the ruling aboleths, the population of Obloxis Azuun consists of slaves, with the general distribution being 40% human, 30% orc and goblinoid, 10% elf (mostly Kelti), and 20% mixed other. In addition, the city boasts a contingent of around 5,000 kuo-toa "true believers" (those fish men who worship the aboleths as gods) .


Ruled by the Oblox, a council of aboleth savants brought together for a common cause... their eventual return to the surface world.


Along with an army of humanoid slaves, able to mobilize at a moment's notice, the aboleths also maintain a standing army of 2,000 devoted kuo-toa. These fish people believe the Oblox to be their true gods, and follow them with a religious zeal.

Industry & Trade

Crime is the only industry the aboleths understand. It's how they relate to the surface dwellers who will one day be their thralls. As such, they are invested in various criminal enterprises, all with the eventual goal of expanding their nascent "empire." The humanoid crime syndicates, in return, receive the might of the psychic powers innate to the Oblox; something that gives them quite the edge over any potential competitors.


Obviously the Oblox cannot retake the surface without help from above, and as a means to this end, the aboleths engage in various criminal activities and have forged alliances with several of the key crime syndicates across Gothenya. They use the best and brightest of their slaves, who've been psychically "convinced" of the "way to glory," as emissaries. These agents go where the aboleths cannot. They've reached surprisingly far and wide, as the aboleths are rather generous with the fruits of their endeavors. They care little for financial gain, only as it pertains to their long-term goal. They provide psychic powers of both divination and domination to the humanoid crime lords who otherwise wouldn't have access to such powers. In return, the Oblox gains powerful allies who can spread their interests throughout the world above.


The city's only true asset, if you can call it that, is its slave labor. Every part of their society is facilitated by slaves. In fact, some of the "converted" slaves (those who underwent a form of psychic reconditioning) even govern the general population. Others act as surface agents, enacting the will of their amphibious overlords amidst the civilizations of man.


The date of the city's founding is known only to the aboleths themselves, and they don't seem to be in any hurry to share their secrets. Ostensibly, many interesting events occurred within the city confines over the many years of its existence, however anyone who might be able to speak about these things is either dead, enslaved, or an aboleth who think it's better than you.


Obloxis Azuun consists of vast caverns of bizarre and alien architecture, built by slaves out of coral and rock to resemble the forgotten aboleth "true home" of ages past. It is rumored that the creatures came to Gothenya from "beyond the stars," and certainly their architecture supports this claim. Nothing in the city makes much sense, or is even architecturally sound, unless you have the insane mind of an aboleth.


Obloxis Azuun resides deep beneath the earth, at a position directly below the Hariel Minuta city of Zarna. It is rumored that there may be a connection between this and the fact that several of the most influential crime syndicates in the entire world are based within Zarna.

Natural Resources

The residents of Obloxis Azuun don't participate in much trade, and as such, don't have a lot of resources to offer. The aboleths subsist on a diet of algae, brine, and other small seafood that lives in the depths. As far as their slaves, they force those under their control to maintain and harvest mushroom farms and raise cattle to feed themselves.  
Alternative Name(s)
Kingdom of the Aboleths, Darkest Night
Underground / Vault
No more than twenty aboleths inhabit the city at any given time. A number greater than that would drive them all nuts. The rest of the city's populace consists of 10,000 slaves of various races.
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under

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