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Kings' Barrow & Monument of Aranost

"Resting place of kings..."

Kings' Barrow is the ancient burial grounds of the fallen lords of Wyeth. It rests in the Vale of Kings, and in the shadow of the Monument of Aranost. The monument is a series of statues dedicated to (and depicting) the first king of Wyeth, Markhan Wyeth, and the architects of his great kingdom. It is named for the original seat of Wyeth, the castle of Aranost, destroyed in the great "War for The West." The very ruins of Aranost were magically reshaped into the statues ringing the Vale of Kings, so that their very rock is that of the fallen castle of Markhan.   Aranost was built in the vale, 100 miles due east of the current capital of Wyeth, along the edge of the North Elimer River. The Monument of Aranost stands tall enough to be seen from both the official capital of Wyeth, as well as the adopted capital in Angleport. It is one of the great wonders of the world, shaped by magic now comparatively latent in Hariel Majour.   Kings' Barrow is closely guarded, twenty four hours a day, by a contingent of Knights of Wyeth (Order of the Spear), who make it their solemn duty to protect the tombs within from plunderers and grave robbers.  

Garden Tomb of Kings 3.jpg
barrows 2.jpg


Built from the very stone of the sundered castle of Aranost, through use of previously unheard levels of Transmutation magic.


Erected nearly 3,000 years ago, after the fall of Aranost, during the "War for the West."

tomb of kings.jpg
Inside the Barrow of the Kings (aka the Tomb of Kings)...
inside vault of kings.jpg
1,200 D.E.
Alternative Names
The Statues of Markhan, The Vale of Kings
Monument / Statue, Large
Parent Location
Hariel Majour
Clarent Wyeth
Owning Organization

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