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"The Goblin Lands..."

In north central Hariel Majour, between The Freemantle proper and The Thaw, lies the "goblin nation" of Baragrast. This relatively small territory was claimed by the collected goblinoid races upon their expulsion from the kingdoms of The Blight and Mount Celene.   They settled just south of The Dullwood, using the haunted forest to shore up their rear defenses. Here they took the garrison city of Narfell from the knights of Wyeth known as The Spear, and used the citadel and its lands as a base from which to grow their tiny nation.   The burgeoning nation is only around a thousand years old, making it one of the youngest in the north. It consists of the capitol at Narfell, along with the surrounding goblionoid farm towns and villages. Narfell is the only city of any size within the nation's boundaries, however there are enough small settlements surrounding it to drive the population up to a number resembling a small "power" in the north.   Narfell is ruled by a militocracy headed by the commander of the combined Isagorn forces, known as Lord Shimeg Rothra.  


Bordered on the north by the Dullwood, and surrounded on three sides by the verdant plains of the Freemantle and its associated member states. The land, claimed as the spoils of war a thousand years ago, is relatively rich and easy to farm, allowing the goblinoids (at least those newly trained as farmers) to harvest their own crops. These food crops supply the entire nation, allowing Baragrast to remain predominantly independent.   This is a necessity, as most of the human-centric northerners they call neighbors want nothing to do with them at best. In fact, many have never recognized the Isagorn claim on the lands, and side with Wyeth with regards to plans to eventually retake Narfell itself.
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The Goblin Lands
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