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Lyssia, the Free City of

"The Last Bastion of Nerithar in the North..."

After the War for the West (see timeline of Gothenya), the rival nation of Nerithar was defeated, and thusly disbanded. It's remnants became the member cities and towns of the Freemantle. Included amongst these cities is The Free City of Lyssia, named for the daughter of the last dynastic ruler of Nerithar, Lyssia Nerithar.   The majority of Neritharian hardliners, and those (at least privately) against the outcome of the war and their new status as vassal states to Wyeth, migrated to Lyssia. Seeing the potential of the rapidly growing city to become yet another rival (and thus able to repeat the cycle of violence), Wyeth proclaimed that Lyssia may not be ruled by a monarch, dynastic or otherwise. As the rest of the Freemantle, no single lord would be allowed to raise arms against the crown. As such, Lyssia became a democracy, and the "Free City" was born.   Situated along the southern edge of Lake Terrasque, the city lies on a verdant plain ripe for farming. As such, many farms and small villages ring the circumference of Lyssia from edge-to-edge of the lake.   Despite the royal decree disallowing the city state to adopt a monarch, the "Council of Ten" (who ostensibly advise and check the democratically elected Lord Mayor) defer to their leader more than they likely should. Lyssia is slowly flexing its muscle, testing the waters to see what sort of kickback from the crown they'll receive. This is currently playing out in its longterm conflict with The Barony of Rocha. So far, their altercations have been largely (and, at least officially) non-violent, but many think either side is a razor's edge away from taking up arms. All eyes are on Wyeth, as the kingdom's response will likely set a precedent for any vassal states thinking about "going rogue" and expanding their territories.   If either Rocha (already a problem for the crown) or Lyssia takes the other, the newly combined city state would have the requisite power to potentially secede from Wyeth, thus forming another sovereign kingdom. Both the Baron of Rocha (Baron Navac the 3rd) and the current Lord Mayor of Lyssia (Robin Harlcourt) are known to openly covet a throne of their own.          


75% human, 10% dwarven, 5% elven (Kelti), 5% gnome/halfling, 5% mixed other.


A small democracy, run by an elected Lord Mayor who governs along with their "Council of Ten," advisors with the power to present laws and proclamations to him or her.


Lyssia maintains a standing army of approximately 1,500 soldiers (recently this number has grown by nearly another thousand, and the crown has noticed). Further it has a city watch consisting of around 800 officers who are tasked with keeping the peace within the city walls.

Industry & Trade

Lyssia, like many members of the Freemantle, is primarily in the business of growing and selling crops. Up until recently, they even provided to Rocha. The fact that they cut off the Barony is a bad sign when it comes to further diplomacy.


The city is an odd mixture of modern amenities and old world architecture. The city was initially built not dissimilar to the larger farming towns of the north, but with a central keep (built similar to Narfell) that could house the citizens of the city in case of a siege. As the city grew, it spread outwards in every direction possible. Newer buildings were constructed, many of these out of brick and stone. When the population reached a breaking point, the city council set about to constructed a proper system of aqueducts and a modern sewer. Whether or not they succeeded is up to interpretation, but the city does indeed have functioning water works. Everything about Lyssia is built to fit its current needs, and as a result, the city has the look of several smaller cities crammed together.


Formed in 1,020 D.E. after the end of the "War for the West," Lyssia quickly inherited many of those still loyal to the nation of Nerithar. It's initial formation consisted of the many farms of the central region banding together, with a newly constructed keep as their centerpiece. As a condition of its construction, the crown decreed that Lyssia could not delcare a royal monarch and must be ruled by an electorate loyal to Wyeth.


Lyssia sits at the southern edge of Lake Terrasque, just to the west of The Sunlit Vale.  

Natural Resources

A variety of food crops from the lush fields, along with freshwater seafood from Lake Terrasque.
Alternative Name(s)
Nerithar's Ghost, Lyssia
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
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Owning Organization

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