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The Freemantle

"The Heartlands, including The Thaw and The Sunlit Vale..."

Though (geographically) it's actual holdings merely span the northwestern edge of the heartlands proper (including the city of Sacrament), the Freemantle is more than just a political boundary. It's a testament to the solidarity of nearly the entirety of Hariel Majour. In a sense the Freemantle and the heartlands are one in the same.   As a political entity, the Freemantle spans the center of Hariel Majour, across to the eastern seaboard. Essentially everything not directly related to the crown of Wyeth (though its entire membership is comprised of vassal states to the crown). Thus the Freemantle is the heartland of the realm.   It is comprised of several distinct, if loose, regions or confederacies built upon the trade and harvesting of natural resources. The separate regions of the heartlands are mostly divided by geography and, in recent history, their stance during the revolt against the crown of Wyeth.   Comprising the northern expanse of the Freemantle is the sub-region known as "The Thaw." It includes a number of significant faming towns, along with the crumbling "boom town" of Bramble, and the (unaffiliated but geographically included) garrison city-state of Narfell. Narfell has established it's own "nation" on the doorstep of the Freemantle... the "goblin lands" of Baragrast.   Other Freemantle settlements include the eastern town of Prosperity, the lumber town of Tenford (along the banks of the South Elimer -- see Elimer River, North and South, where it meets Lake Terant), along with the major farming towns of Last Harvest and Vale's End.   Every major city in the heartlands has a member on the Council of the Freemantle (which convenes at least quarterly each year). As the cluster of small farming towns and villages in the north (excluding Narfell) were once (and some still remain) vassals of the Free City (State) of Lyssia, Lyssia represents the total interests of the Thaw in all matters political. See article: Lyssia, the Free City of.   Just east of Lake Terrasque, and bordered on the west by the Elhea River, is the sub-region known as The Sunlit Vale. It stretches east until the city of Jomor, where The Democracy of Wheat begins (and extends to the eastern seaboard). Jomor is the capitol of the Democracy of Wheat.   The city of Telent is the capitol of the Sunlit Vale, and represents them in matters of the court. It's southern border touches the farmlands controlled by The Barony of Rocha, which itself is governed from the capitol city of Cornelia. Rocha, in turn, governs the lands of Cantal, and the silver mining community of Oremynd.   Situated (centered) along the Elhea River lies the sub-region of Prosperity (also the name of the first town - Prosperity - of the region), the capital of which is the city of Dagorell. Prosperity extends south until it hits the Throat, where the independent city-state of Progress (see Progress & the Colleges of Wick) controls the region.   Finally, the southwestern regions of The Wetlands and Southend contain a few significant member cities and towns, such as Storm Reach and Hadelton.   As mentioned previously, the members "states" of the Freemantle are technically all vassals to Wyeth, as was the condition established at the end of the "War for the West" (see A Timeline of Gothenya), and the fall of the Monarchy of Nerithar. This state of affairs has been tested several times over as many years, with the most recent being the "Revolt Against the Crown" in 1220 A.W.   Though mostly settled non-violently, each member of the Freemantle played their hand during the revolt, with most regions choosing sides and fighting either for or against the crown. Recently, rumor has it that the Barony of Rocha is using this knowledge to stoke the fires of rebellion once more, particularly with regions that supported the usurper to the Wyeth line.  


Mostly fertile farmlands, these plains give way to tougher soil as one heads north, and to more humid lands to the east.

Natural Resources

Wood from the forests, grain from the fields, crops of a wide variety. The Freemantle supplies over 60% of Wyeth's crops. The mines of Oremynd supply roughly 50% of the crown's silver ore.  
Alternative Name(s)
The Thaw, The Sunlit Vale, The Democracy of Wheat, The Free State of Lyssia, Prosperity
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