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Clarent Wyeth

"Current King of Wyeth"

Clarent Wyeth, sometimes called "The Young," is the current ruler of Wyeth, and as such, the most powerful man in the West. He is a benevolent, if somewhat ineffectual ruler, at least when it comes to basic matters of state. A war hero who believes that his kingdom's enemies lie buried in the past, his primary concerns are no longer focused on defense of the realm. Further, Clarent either underplays, or simply doesn't believe, the rumors of the Lentokki resurgence in the East. He puts too much faith in the greatness and overall superiority of his own kingdom.   Many within the controlled region of the crown preferred the "democratic monarchy" of the non-Wyethian rulers. They dream of a day when the crown will return to the will of man, and leave divine right behind. This is not to say that Clarent doesn't have his supporters. He inherited a land in the midst of unprecedented peace, and as such his rule has been largely devoid of costly and bloody conflicts.   If there is any threat to the crown, people believe it may come from The Barony of Rocha, which spearheaded the uprising that destroyed the original line of kings, 200 years ago. The Baron Navac III is not a much beloved figure, however, and he'd likely need to instate a figurehead to gain the support of the people. Some say he's searching for the descendants of the displaced (non-divine) bloodline that briefly ruled the "democratic monarchy" before the Restoration.   It is rumored that Navac might have found the perfect candidate for the throne. Essendra Halbion, of House Halbion, which briefly held the Wyeth throne after the Sundering but before the Restoration of the crown. This "queen in exile" has been in hiding her entire life, controlled by interests who'd like to see the royal line fall once more. Whether or not she has what it takes is yet to be seen.  
  Clarent has a younger sister, Felia, who lives with him in Wyeth. She has been the target of numerous failed kidnapping attempts, and Clarent has become overly protective of her.   Claent also has a scheming uncle named Sethis Wyeth, who previously attempted to pilfer a great deal of money from the royal coffers to his own personal acounts. He was caught, yet spared by the king, his nephew, resulting in his "semi-exile" as an ambassador to Varuumae Corona. It is rumored that during his tenure in the magical city, Sethis has formed some sort of political relationship with the usurper queen, Essendra Halbion. But these are just rumors...  
  Clarent is advised by his legally appointed "court mage," the sorceress Triel Abernath (Triel Aver Asta). As the king must be able to counter any illegal magical activity in his realm, Triel's position is above the law, as set forth by Hex Chain. Triel comes from a line of magicians, all bred to serve the kings of Wyeth. She was schooled in the Tower of Light from a young age, possibly younger than any other magic initiate. She features the bald pate of the Custodians, but never took her oath, instead working for Clarent. She is fiercely loyal to him, and many think this loyalty is steeped in a deep desire.   Triel is socially awkward and tends to give pause to the other members of the king's court. She knows she has a creepy mystique and often uses this to her advantage. For his part, Clarent trusts her implicitly, even with his life. His sister, Felia, doesn't share his affection for the court magician, and fears her overall motives.  
  Amongst Clarent's various holdings is the hereditary longsword called the Wyzrenblade. This sword has been in the Wyeth family for ages, harkening back to some of the earliest kings of Wyeth. It has since been handed down to the eldest son of each successive monarch. During the First Usurper War, the king of Wyeth (Neral Wyeth) managed to have the blade smuggled out of Marlhan. This blade was wielded by Jothan Wyeth when he recaptured the kingdom for his family line ("The Restoration of the Crown").   The Wyzrenblade is alleged to possess both powerful magic and a supreme intellect. Some think it to be a military "advisor" to the king. Some even say that the blade "whispers" to the king. Few are brave enough to suggest that Clarent (and all his predecessors) suffers from some sort of brain malady. Regardless, the king never takes counsel from the blade while in the presence of anyone other than his court mage. And when it is not in his grasp, Clarent only entrusts care of the blade to her (Triel Abernath).
Current Location
Dark Brown, bordering on black
190 lbs
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