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"As common to Hariel Majour and Hariel Minuta..."

Humans comprise the only intelligent race native to Gothenya, in the sense that they pre-dated the "arrival" of the gods. There is much conjecture about whether or not the gods were here all along and simply silent, or if they traveled to Gothenya from some far off place or dimension. Regardless, though they influence the affairs of man, they did not have a direct hand in creating the race.   Though comparatively short-lived, humans are the most wide-spread of all the civilized races, with colonies practically   everywhere in the known world. They are separated categorically by regions, with the most well known below.   Wyethians are subjects of the kingdom of Wyeth, and reside in the western lands of Hariel Majour. They are generally either of the merchant class or vassals in the direct employ of their liege lord, King Clarent Wyeth.   The Freelanders are the farming and agricultural workers and experts of the middle and eastern portions of Hariel Majour. They are "common folk" who are technically free, but openly trade and do business with Wyeth, whom their livelihood is dependent upon.   The Varuumae are the largest portion of humans (and other races) in the southern continent of Hariel Minuta. They are more magically inclined than their northern brethren, as the study of magic is not outlawed as it is in Hariel Majour. There is also far greater variety on display, as expatriates come from all over to live in the "most lively region in all the world."   The Lentokki are denizens of the eastern nation of Lentokk, found on the continent Golthein. They are a mage nation, with many practitioners of the Dark Arts. Lentokk was quite literally founded by Blood Magic, as the first Lentokki were blood mage exiles from Hariel Majour, sent packing to avoid the magic purges, after the Sundering.   Humans become adventurers for reasons too numerous to put down here, but the one thing they all seem to have in common is a desire to spread their people far and wide. A combination of curiosity, expansionism, and an odd sort of racial greed.   As in the majority of worlds within the multiverse, humans are the most prevalent of the playable races. Their stock is generally indicative of the lands they hail from. On Hariel Majour, the further North you go, the harder you'll find the inhabitants. Though the North is the largest repository of magic on the Upper Continent, most of it is either cursed with corruption, or secreted away by the almost alien-like natives of the Feywood. As such, Men of the North tend to be extremely wary of magic, and are prone to bizarre superstitions. Consider how the use of the Arcana skill would play out amongst the men of The Blight. It's a balance between not having it, or having a perverted notion of it. On failed Arcana Checks, it may be interesting to not make the Player aware of the failure, but rather provide a plausible, yet inaccurate result.  

Magic Student

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