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"The devout of Valimshae..."

The small, holy city of Sacrament is a holding of Wyeth, and ruled by a vassal of the crown, Raleigh Fasteel (high priest of Valimshae, the Lord of Prosperity and Coin). Sacrament is a city of seeming contradictions. A holy city that also serves as the crown mint and home to many money lenders. However, this all makes more sense when taken in context of the god the city is dedicated to. Valimshae, as the lord of prosperity, holds within his domain both currency and trade. In Sacrament, "greed is good." Other deities are welcomed and worshipped in Sacrament, with several prominent temples to lords such as Prix O'Preyuss (though the lord of thieves, money, no matter how acquired, is revered in Sacrament) and Yareuss. In fact, the temple of Yareuss is one of the largest in the west.   Bordered on the north by the North Elimer river, and on the south by the Silver Peaks (a mountain range known for its silver deposits, which Sacrament also mines), the city access the trades lanes via the Elimer.   The largest money lender in Sacrament is "Wymer & Sons Money Lending and Vaults."  


Sacrament skews around 85% human, 10% dwarf and 5% mixed other. Dwarves are prominent here due to the mining operations of the Silver Peaks.


A Theocracy run by a high priest of Valimshae (current: Raleigh Fasteel ), with a supporting council made up of other religious leaders from various faiths. On a larger scale, Sacrament is a vassal city of Wyeth, and as such, answers to the crown.


Protected by a military detachment, supplied by the crown.

Industry & Trade

Copper, money lending.


Sacrament is a thoroughly modern city in all respects, featuring advanced aqueducts and a sophisticated sewer system, watermills along the North Elimer, and many forges established to handle the influx of silver from the nearby mines. On occasion, Sacrament has been chartered to act as a secondary mint for the nation of Wyeth.


Site of the largest copper mine in the Kingdom of Wyeth.

Guilds and Factions

Several distinct mining guilds, each dedicated to a different process or raw ore, reside within the city walls.


Sacrament was established a mere 300 years ago, originally as a mining town named Silvon, supporting the silver trade from the adjacent mountains. It quickly grew when the silver produced grew beyond all reasonable expectations. After the Restoration of the Crown, the city changed rulership and became a theocracy, primarily due to the faith's political expulsion from Wyeth. During the "dark years," when Wyeth fell into the hands of rulers outside the royal dynasty, there was an attempt to reestablish the church as equal to the crown (as it was before The Reformation). When the nation was reclaimed (during the Restoration), this notion of the church's nascent political power was quickly doused. In response, many of the Faith Zenithal (see article), and others, set out to find a more friendly settlement. The miners of Sacrament were more than happy to relinquish local rule to the church, as they'd not been able to really govern effectively as the city began bursting at the seams. Thus the city of Silvon was renamed Sacrament, and a bright new day dawned upon its peoples.


The vast majority of buildings within the city are stone or brick, with only farm settlements on the outskirts made primarily of wood.


Situated on a flood plain touching the North Elimer river, the city is ripe for farming and boasts a good number of farmsteads on its periphery.

Natural Resources

Silver from the mines, food crops from the fields.
Alternative Name(s)
The Copper City, The Mines
2,000-3,000 citizens with an additional 1,000-2,000 transient miners.
Location under
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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