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Harnath Uul

"Kingdom of the Blight Dwarves..."

The greatest kingdom of the dwarves, blight or otherwise, Harnath Uul is embedded into the very mountains of the Blight, spanning two of its largest peaks. It lies on the western edge of the mountain range, approximately one hundred and fifty miles north of Narfell. It was built by the dwarves untold ages ago and has been the site of numerous wars between the blight dwarves and the goblinoids of the north.   Structurally, it is a city built within the interior of the twin mountains, with a fortress jutting out from the mountain face. The fortress is the home of the King of Stoneseat, a monarch hailing from the noble house of Balinor, the ancestral "keepers of the throne." To date, a Balinor has always held the throne, with the current king being Dergen Balinor, "Keen of Eye."   Harnath Uul exists as a functional city when it comes to trade, as well. Master stone and metalworks are traded all across Hariel Majour, and even beyond. Like the crown itself, various ancestral houses have ruled over their own trade domains for as long as can be remembered. House Karthik controls the stone trade, while House Drumon controls the metal trade. The wealthiest house (rivaling even the crown's wealth) is House Mertran, which (naturally) controls the gem trade.   Historically there has been quite a bit of infighting between the great houses, particularly because of their close proximity to each other, geographically speaking. This being said, the crown and the assorted great houses maintain a good deal of holdings throughout the far north, with colonies built or occupied within the mountains all across the Blight range.   House Balinor is credited with the expulsion of the Isagorn shortly after the Sundering, forcing the displaced hobgoblins south, to Narfell.   Currently, the greatest enemy of the dwarves of Harnath Uul is the coalition of Duergar "grey dwarves" and the mad Derro, who constantly contest their territories within the mountains. Not to mention the goblinoids who remained in hiding within the innumerable mountain caves, constantly striking out at Harnath Uul's colonies using terror tactics.    


Almost exclusively dwarven, though several colonies of Myconid allies also call Harnath Uul home.  


A monarchy, ruled by the "King of Stoneseat."
Alternative Name(s)
40,000 dwarves
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