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"Into the Shadowlands..."

BAROVIA   The "dead vale" of Barovia sits just east of the primary trade port of Lentokk, Charport. Empty buildings and discarded tools are the only proof that a civilization once thrived here.   Barovia is a lifeless nation, blasted by evil magic. All the places visible on the prime material plane exist across both the feywild and the shadowlands, but are only populated in the shadow realm. Barovians are all trapped in the shadows, some even lacking their very souls. So, when one enters Barovia from Gothenya proper, they'll only find rotting building and lifeless, blasted earth. They may travel to any of the small towns that make up the nation, but everything will be found in some state of decay. It's quite possible for the visitors to have no idea of the beings that haunt the realm from beyond the veil. They cannot see them without magical means.   However, the denizens of Barovia (at least the most powerful amongst them) can see the intruders from across the Ethereal Plane. Some even have the power to capture or transport trespassers across the planes, to the land of shadows.   TRANSPORTATION   Transportation into the realm is either by Count Strahd’s (the vampire ruler of this particular section of the Shadowrealm) will, by crossing special consecrated (desecrated) earth, or by means of conjuration magic that allows access to the Shadowlands. It's worth noting that although one may enter Barovia through a planar gate to the Shadowrealm, such conjurations will not permit escape.   There are also rumors of a hidden, permanent gate, possibly in the basement of a particular abandoned building in the realm.  

Haunted Manor


Blasted lands and rotting trees line the roads, leading to dead forests beyond. Even the very building are falling apart, overgrown with dead trees (which somehow seem to still be growing).

Flora & Fauna

The only inhabitants of the realm are the lowliest undead. Zombies, skeletons and (occasionally) ghouls roam the lands, searching for rare morsels of food.
Vampire Hunter
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