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Jafone is a river port before anything else. Here the goods from the Zinotobon Mines, Dragon's Teeth Quarry and the Ginoboja Forest are sold and loaded onto the barges of the River Gen.   Jafone is built on the ruins of an old Tal'Nadir structure, some parts of which are still visible in the Warrens.   Normally a relatively crime-free city, since about 5 months, a gang called the Red Dot Gang has taken up residence. Posters around the city announce a reward of 2000 gp for apprehending their misterious leader. The sewer-grates are chained up, after reports came in that the gang was using the sewers as their main way of getting around the city.   The roosters in and around the city have the interesting habit of crying out exactly two times, exactly when the first light of dawn hits them. No-one has any idea why this is the case. With this strange habit, one would expect all the roosters to sound out at exactly the same time, but this is not the case. The roosters cry exactly when the first light hits them, so things like buildings, walls and trees can delay them. The last rooster is known to go off at around mid-day.   Sometimes the Imarga Brewery blows it's roof off, and for a short while strangely coloured smoke can be seen above the city. Nothing to be worried about however; the roof is detached from the walls for exactly this purpose, and usually falls back in place without much of a problem.  


Most recent buildings, including the walls and towers, are made of white granite. The city almost glows under the light of the sun, and it's streets become blue tinted when the moon is out. Two notable buildings that are not made of granite, are Jafone Castle on it's pillar, and the Galintomo Bridge bridge which ends in the middle of the city.   The retractable section in the bridge allows partly finished ships coming from Matefer to cross under the bridge. It does double-duty as a drawbridge.
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