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Red Dot Gang

The Red Dot Gang is the main cause of organized crime in Jafone. Their leader is Abel Arten, otherwise known as "D".   They use two ancient extradimensional spaces as their hideouts. The Organizers Den is used mostly for day-to-day operations, while the Red Dot Inner Sanctum is their leaders hideout, and used as secret storage for the more valuable of stolen items and gear.    

Known Lieutenants

  • John "The Organizer" Baltimore
  • Ared Heiphyra
  • History

    Up until 2966-06-27 the red dot gang was actually a way for the Opal Empire to de-stabilize the city of Jafone. Their leader at that time had been cursed by agents of the empire, and had to do their bidding. A long ranged version of Message was used by Opal Emprie agents to occasionally give new instructions.   That day the Padmor Diamond was used to break the curse on the leader, and in the process free him of the empires influence. Abel Arten took over, and Gram Crackers decided to join the gang. She has discussed plans with the baron of Jafone to re-purpose the gang for less nefarious purposes.  

    State of Investigations

    The Talamir City Guard is conducting na active investigation into the gang.   A price of 2000 gp was on the head of it's mysterious leader. On 2966-06-27, the The Legendary Beetles claimed the price for managing to dethrone this leader (Baldor "The Terrible" Baltimore) and give an accurate description of the new leader using the spell Disguise Self. This was not entirely according to contract, but the guard captain was easily "persuaded" using the Ring of Human Suggestions.   Along with knowledge of the new leader, the Beetles informed the guard of the teleporting extradimensional hideouts used by the gang.   These are the bits of information the guard had before the Legendary Beetles conducted their infiltration.
  • The gang leadership communicates it's orders to the underlings using printed notes and letters. These are created on a printing press.
  • From these notes, and questioning of captured gang members, they have deducted the existence of a single leader. Along with several lieutenants.
  • The notes hint the leader has some kind of distinctive tatoo or disfigurement upon which the icon of the gang is based, allowing the guards to be fairly certain they will "know him when [they] see him".
  • The lieutenants are most likely some of the more savy thieves originally based in Jafone, while the underlings were either beggars, or attracted from around the city.
  • The underlings are divided into many small groups, each with their own boss. The intelligence and competency of these groups varies wildly.
  • The groups each have to pay tribute every month. Where, how and when they need to deliver this tribute is instructed to them on a printed note. This is different each month and for each group.
  • When a group is apprehended, or a note intercepted, the receiving of the payment is called off.
  • When the notes mention dates and times, they are always a short while into the future, sometimes as short as 1 hour. This leads the guard to believe the printing press, and the ones issuing the orders, to be stationed in Jafone itself.
  • With how elusive the gang is, and with the extensive searches already conducted, the consensus is that the gang base is most likely located in the Jafone Warrens.
  • Questioned underlings say that the notes with orders simply appear into their homes, pockets, food, or any other physical items they may buy or receive. Leaving no trace to whomever gave the order. The guard suspects some extremely stealthy rogues of planting the orders.
  • Equipment, or rewards for the underlings appear in similar fashion.
  • Recruiting happens via notes as well. A beggar, thief, or someone down on their luck will find a note stating a location for them to go to if they want to belong to the gang. There they will find some basic equipment, some coin, and their first assignment. Along with a message stating that if they take the equipment, they accept membership.
  • Robbery

    The gang raided their Jafone Warehouse


    The gang is based in the family's city.


    The City Guard is attempting to root out the Red Dot Gang.

    Attempted robbery


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