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Talamir City Guard

The organization that guards and patrols Talamir's cities. Acts as law enforcement in times of peace, and as garrison when a city is under siege.


The full-time contigent of the guard consists of professional soldiers. Additional troops are on-call in case of war or civil unrest. These extra men and women usually have a fulltime job and only train with the guard every now and then.   Officers in the guard are trained in your usual military doctrine, but also on civil matters and general law-and-order. Additionally the guard retains a number of specialists who are on-call when the situation requires their specific talents.
Emblem of the Talamir City Guard as depicted in Emblems and Icons of the Known World.
Military, Other
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The Guard guards the Bank, and the Bank finances the Guard.


The city guard attempts to keep Jafone safe.

Mild Rivalry

The Private Security guards think the City Guard are a bunch of stuck-up meddling incompetents. The City Guard mostly ignores this.


The City Guard is attempting to root out the Red Dot Gang.

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