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Jafone Guardhouse

The City Guard's guardhouse in Jafone.   The guardhouse consists of two three-story buildings on both sides of Jafone's northern gate road. A wooden bridge connects the two buildings on the second story.   The East building's ground floor looks mostly inn-like, with the difference that most patrons are in guard uniform, and there is a surprising amount of weapons, armor, and paperwork stashed on shelves and stands along the walls. A staircase in the back goes up to the second floor, where a guard behind a desk keeps track of everyone coming up or going down. To the left is a small hallway with a door that opens up to the bride above the street. The first door to the right is the office of the Captain. One of the other rooms contains a Printing Press for making posters, orders and other official documents.   The West building's ground floor is mainly taken up by the guard house's stables. The top floor is where they eat.
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