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Blastwood Inn

Blastwood inn is located in a three story building made of small granite stones. The common room is clean and furnished with sturdy oak tables and chairs. A large granite bar occupies one end with several stools clustered around it. Behind the bar hang several chalkboards which display the current menu and rates for rooms.   The second floor houses a common sleeping area without beds. Along with several bedrooms for two and three persons.   The third floor is smaller, with several more bedrooms. A door in the back opens up to a rooftop balcony which is shared with several other occupants and businesses in the building.  


  • Aior Menita: Owner
  • Aaron Towerson: Cook
  • Ria Towerson: Barmaid
  • Menu

    The cook's specialty is a delicious, but viciously spicy, Lamprey.
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