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Imarga Brewery

A squat marble building, with several tanks and chimneys installed in the roof. The brewery is well-known for it's exotic beverages. Among which Ginoboja Gin. A knowledgeable individual could see what is being made by the color of the smoke coming out of the cimneys. The front of the building has a small shop where they sometimes sell individual bottles of their brews. No wares any on display, because they got stolen too often.   The brewery is secretive of it's processes and the ingredients of it's beverages. Well-known however is the potentially explosive and/or corrosive nature of the processes involved. All the brewers in the building are wearing full protective gear made of thick leather, including a mask. The roof is detatcheable, to prevent having to rebuild it each time it goes up. And for really dangerous experiments, a thick-walled granite strongroom has been installed. Needless to say, it takes someone with a certain frame of mind to work here for longer than a few days.   Usually the brewery makes large batches for merchants on-request. These are stored in a small warehouse in the back of the building. A squat affair with small barred windows high-up on both side-walls. The floor is lined with packed dirt, with rough granite underneath. Two doors lead into the warehouse: one from the brewery propper and one for loading and unloading on the outside. Both are locked and bolted on the brewery-end, the outside one almost always, and the inside one only at night. A sewer-grate in the floor has been welded shut.   Member of the Alchemist Guild.  
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