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Jafone Warrens

A large complex of undergound tunnels deep underneath Jafone, some of which were actually above-ground streets before the collapse of the Tal'Nadir Empire. Dangerous creatures roam the tunnels, and residual magic causes disorientating and sometimes dangerous effects. The layout of the complex seems to shift and change overtime, making exploring and mapping it extremely hard.   Most of the warrens have been closed from public entry. The only well-mapped public area of the warrens is it's highest tunnel called The King's Underway.   The Jafone Sewers steer well clear of the warrens, to prevent beasts from using the sewer network to enter the city.    

The Room of Axes

  The room of Axes is located deep inside the warrens. It is heavily decorated with white double headed axes, and the center piece is a giant statue of a Tal'Nadir warrior holding a heavy battleaxe. The two alcoves on the left and right side of the room contain a slightly raised circle in the floor, with the same white axe engraved in the floor in front of them.   To the right of the tall double-doors of the entrance is a 10 ft hole smashed from the outside inwards. This happened while the The Legendary Beetles were defending the Tal'Nadir archmages from the Demons (21. A Blast from the Past and Interesting Axes). Two Barlgura skeletons lie in the middle of the room.  


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