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021. A Blast from the Past and Interesting Axes

General Summary

After cleaning themselves of the residue from the exploding Mimic, Gimdalf went to investigate the remains. He found a shiny green amulet in the pile of sludge, which started glowing and vibrating after he picked it up. He threw it down again and called to the others to get down. Before they could do anything however, a bright green flash washed over them and drowned out their senses.   When they could see and hear again, they were in the same coutyard as before, but now the grass was green and there was sky visible above. Heavy smoke floated overhead and ash drifted on the wind. Strangely, their injuries from that day had disappeared, and all their spell-slots seemed to have filled themselves. Then three Tal'Nadir appeared out of nowhere in front of them. An old woman, a tall man, and a child. The old woman had the amulet around her neck.   The Nadir beckoned the party to follow them to the Room of Axes, as there was little time and the contingency needed to be activated. The party followed them through the door which had been marked with the red-dot sign, but was now simple and plain. They asked what was going on and the tall man told them that the Tarrasque was coming and that soon the demons would break through the wards of the facility and get inside.   As they ran through the facility, past other hurrying or scared Nadirians, the child pointed out areas where they shouldn't step on. Gram Crackers drew a quick map on the back of her shield as they went along. Gimdalf picked up the child, so that they could progress faster, although the old woman was still holding them back somewhat.   Gimdalf tried to get some info on how to implant Aster Stones, but the only info he could get was that the locations the stones were implanted were called "Asterium Forges".   They arrived in a large hall richly decorated with white double-headed axes. The three Nadirians went over to the giant statue that stood at the end and activated their amulet. Just before they disappeared, the woman told the party to hold back the monsters while they activated the contingency. After the three had vanished, a green shield sprang up around the statue, keeping the party from getting near.  

The Battle

  Having a bit of time to prepare, Gimdalf put a hunting trap in the entrance, and Gram Crackers overcast a Moonbeam on 3rd level right behind the door. They then hid behind the rooms pillars.   After a heavy thudd, a portal opened in front of the door and several Abyssal Chickens entered the room. The moonbeam proved very effective, and Gimdalf cast another overlapping one, dusting the Abyssal Chickens on entry.   After the chickens came a larger threat: a large demon ape, which promptly stepped into the hunting trap and turned invisible to mitigate this vulnerability. The invisibility was not very effective due to the large amount of soot and chicken dust in the air.   A short respite came when the demons created another entry next to the door by bashing down the wall. While their attackers were so occupied, Macca Ni went looking for axes or something cool, as this room looked way to fancy to be a simple room. He turned out to be right. As he stepped on the platform in one of the two side alcoves, the platform started glowing, and a shimmering axe turned into a crossbow made of light. Gimdalf tried it too and received a double-headed viking axe. And Gram Crackers got a sling almost as big as she was.   Equipped with these new weapons, the party valiantly tried to hold the line against the multiple demonic apes and Shadow Demons that were now entering through the newly created second entry (each walking straight into Gram Cracker's now-moved moonbeam, while Gimdalf's kept the original entry inaccessible). Jacob de Uil popped quickly. Gimdalf and Macca Ni had gone down and Gram Crackers was heavilly injured when the contingency activated. Whatever it was, the last thing Gram Crackers saw before everying whent dark again was space fracturing in front of her.  

The Here and Now

When vision returned, everyone was back in the little side-room where they had encountered the mimick. Their injuries in the vision were nowhere to be found, but their injuries from the mimic where all too real once more. Above the pile of mimic goop, three amulets with green stones appeared in the air and dropped to the ground. Ready to be picked up.  

Character(s) interacted with

  • An old Tal'Nadir woman
  • A grumpy Tal'Nadir man
  • An easily exited Tal'Nadir child
    In-game date
    Report Date
    11 Mar 2021
    Primary Location
    Active party members
  • Gram Crackers
  • Macca Ni
  • Gimdalf

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    Mar 15, 2021 09:25

    Een paar kleine fouten: mijn moonbeam was 3de level en was degen die voor het gat was geplaatst terwijl gimdalf's de normale ingang bleef blokkeren. Deze journalen en 'last time on Legendary beetles' raporten zijn erg handig om te zien wat ik heb onthouden en belangrijk vond en waar ik waarschijnlijk aandacht aan had moeten besteden. :p