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Hello who-ever-reads-this!     Welcome to my world anvil. Currently, I have two worlds of my own and I'm writing content for the dnd campaign world I'm playing in.

Trout world

This is the world for my story The Journey of a Trout to Greatness of which I'm currently editing the first 30 chapters at a snail's pace.   It's a fun story about a bunch of half-dragon, half-beast bastard children who have taken up cultivation to become true dragons for various reasons.
It has all the cliche plots of adventures in pocket realms, inheriting ridiculously powerful ancient techniques and haughty rivals.


This is a world for a D&D campaign. There are monsters, gods, villains, weird items and much more. In the future, it will expand even more and I'm writing reports on what happened. Though they are written in Dutch   I also have a one-shot others can run based on the introductory adventure for this campaign. If you're interested, read it Here  


This is the campaign world of a friend who runs a dnd game. I mostly write content related to my PC's.
Gram Crackers is a goblin druïd who is very suspicious of people and travels the world in search of magic.   My current character, however, is Paulet Arta-akí. She's a kind Aarakocra grandma who loves to cook and hits where it hurts. Her goal? Find more recipes and her Grandson to give self knit sweaters! Also, turning down the gloom dial on these two edge-lords she's travelling with.   In other words: I'm making tons of content on goblins and Aarakocra culture.

Interests & Hobbies

Packaging design. Such a thing is everywhere but few people pay attention to it. Yet it is essential to protect products, create user-experience and convince consumers to buy a product.

I also like playing with my adorable cat, Gremlin, I rescued from the shelter.

Favorite Movies

In my long life of 24 year, I've had only three movies that I could watch endlessly. The original versiosns of Dumbo, Marry Poppins and the Aristo cats.

Favorite Books

There are to many books I like to pick favourites. But I do have three versions of Alice in wonderland and Alice through the looking glass so that should indicate something.
I like those books because they're as perfectly non-sensical as dreams usually are.

Favorite Games

Dungeons and Dragons all the way!!! I love the stories, I love playing with friends, I love being able to influence others world by doing stuppid stuff like inventing holy whisky.

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