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Mon 15th Mar 2021 10:09

Damned demons and festering suspicions

by Booyagh master Gram Crackers

Pasta and Sulk's actions are suspicious and I'm not sure if I should continue to travel with them. However, we're currently working on capturing the Red Dot gang and at least one of them seems to know similar magic to mine according to our first meeting. They also seem to have a large information network which, if time allows it, I could use to find someone... It isn't beneficial to cut off my alliance with the two right now, but I'll need to keep an extra eye on them. Maybe prepare some bone spider venom in advance.
Right after the mimic incident, Sulk picked up a green, glowy rock which started to vibrate. Usually, this is a bad sign and this time was no exception since we were suddenly transported to what seemed to be the past, during the Ancient civilisations battle with the demons and the Tarrasque. At first, I thought it was just a more immersive recording like in the last ruïn but we were able to interact with the people that passed us. The old lady told us to follow them to the Room of Access Ex-es Axes. Since we didn't know where else to go and they were running away from the danger, we simply followed. The route we took was through the door we had seen in the present time with the mark of the Red Dot gang next to it. The way we walked on specific tiles through the hallway I suspect there will be traps. In case I have to deal with this again later I drew a simple map on the back of my shield.
The Room of Axes was a dead end with a giant statue at the end and although there were decorative axe patterns on the tiles, there was a surprising lack of actual axes. The Ancient people told us to hold off the demons while they activated the contingency, whatever that was, and then f*cking disappeared from near the statue and put up a shield around it while we were standing outside of it. Bunch of *ssholes.
I didn't feel like bothering with whatever was coming for a long time so when a portal opened in front of the entrance I simply cast the most powerful version of Skylight (moonbeam) I could manage on top of it which was very effective. There came a bunch of very ugly abyssal chickens out of the portal which I didn't have to look at for long because they disintegrated right away in my light. The more troublesome thing was a demon ape that showed up but got stuck in a trap Sulk had set up in front of the door and thus couldn't leave the Skylight, and a shadow demon. Sulk cast a Skylight as well, effectively blocking the entire entrance and nearly doubling its effect.
Sadly not all demons are stupid it seems as some decided not to use the door and instead break through the wall. It was very noisy so the exact place was easy to find. Thus I simply moved my Skylight in front of it. The things that broke through the wall were all affected but sadly, not disintegrated right away and alive enough to cause us quite some trouble. Pasta found some mechanism that provided him with a glowing crossbow that seemed magical. Since I don't know many other spells that are effective against demon-things I decided to try it too and got a very effective sling. But even with this increase in effectiveness Sulk and Pasta still died and I was on my last breath. I was certain I could take at least two of the demons with me but before I could something near the statue activated and the space around me shattered.
I woke up with the other two in the room where we'd fought the mimic in the time I belong. Disappointedly Pasta and Sulk didn't actually die so I still have to deal with that drama. The green, glowy rock had also split into three.